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Encounter Hosea — Where is Israel? Who are the Jews?
The key to prophecy contained in the Book of Hosea


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Cover picture   Ruins of Samaria, from a 19th-century print
Frontispiece   The Hill of Samaria—modern Sebastye

Introduction   ... including:

Chapter One   Hosea marries an unfaithful wife   
Chapter Two   The Lord’s mercy to the House of Israel
Chapter Three   The House of Israel redeemed
Chapter Four   God’s indictment of Israel
Chapter Five   The future of Israel revealed
Chapter Six   The Lord pleads with Israel
Chapter Seven   God’s judgment on Israel
Chapter Eight   The downfall of Israel
Chapter Nine   The deportation of the House of Israel
Chapter Ten   The destiny of Israel
Chapter Eleven   The love of God for His people
Chapter Twelve   The Lord’s revelation of Himself to Israel
Chapter Thirteen   The death and resurrection of Israel
Chapter Fourteen   Israel returns to the Lord
Chapter Fifteen   The House of Israel in the Prayer Book

Appendix   Chronology: kings of Israel, Judah and Assyria

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The Hill of Samaria, from a 19th-century print. Once a fortified city, built by Omri, king of Israel, as his capital, it fell to the Assyrians in 722 BC after a three-year siege. The modern town of Sebaste now stands on the site.


Encounter Hosea! first published 1990–91 as a study series
This edition published February 1993
First publication on the internet January 2005

© Brian Williams 1993

All Scripture quotations are from the Authorized (King James) Version except where otherwise stated.

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