A visit from Sir George Trevelyan

   7.54pm. We are now little more than 9 hours from the U.N. deadline and war with Iraq. No one anywhere holds out the slightest hope of Saddam Hussein’s climbing down. Unless there is a miracle of Divine intervention along the lines of Sennacherib’s withdrawal in Isaiah 36 (which I was reading in church last night), we may be entering a conflict of huge eschatological significance.

   Sir George [Sir George Trevelyan] called unexpectedly this afternoon towards 3pm and stayed until 3.45. He has been recently to Holland, Denmark, Germany, Milan and the USA, and was full of vigour and enthusiasm as usual. He was on his way to Nigel’s, and was due to speak at Yeovil this evening on Journey into God, a favourite subject of his, and title of his new book.

   George told me what a mess he was in with his correspondence, and asked me about my office procedures. (He always speaks of the efficient way I have of dealing with things). He has still not come across the letter I wrote him inviting him to join me for the Men’s Breakfast at Stoke-sub-Hamden on October 6th. He would still like to meet Bishop George [George Carey].

   Freda opened the door to Sir George — I had my hands full and thought at first it was Bishop George, as we are expecting him and Eileen. Actually Bishop George was meeting with all the other bishops today to discuss the Gulf crisis.

   I have been feeling very tired today, after a not very good night. I got up at about five to eight, took Freda a cup of tea in bed, and opened the letters, including three in one envelope from Clarice, Noel and Rebecca. I then worked on the Hosea 14 notes, and later those for Hosea 10 and 1 ~Peter ~1, without much inspiration or progress. When I switched the Amstrad off at 5pm I hadn’t much to show for my day’s work.

   During the morning (10.56 by the clock in the car) we went to Street to do the shopping. We went to Tesco and the newsagents, also to the Health Food shop, and to Birmingham Midshires Building Society to enquire about TESSA — the new Tax-Exempt Special Savings Account, then to the stationers where Freda bought a sleeve, 25p, to hold the certificate she got last night for her visitation work.

   After this we drove to Compton Dundon, where we filled up with petrol and then went for a walk. It was a dull day with frost still on the ground after two very cold nights.


Hosea cover, 17K

The Hosea notes were subsequently published in book form as Encounter Hosea—Where is Israel? Who are the Jews? (ISBN 0 902785 33 8); there is now an online edition as well.

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