This morning I played out for some time and took Ginger for a short walk.

   After dinner I cut part of the back lawn & all the front lawn.

   This evening I made a poster for Scouts.

   At 8.30 I t0ok Ginger for her evening walk. It was a lovely evening. I went through the village as usual. What struck me was the large number of people looking into the shop windows. Actually this is Acocks Green Shopping Week and amongst other competitions there is a deliberate mistake competition in which one must identify 50 mistakes in local shops in order to win the £50 prize.

Rejoice in the LORD. Philippians 3:1


   I saw one of the Washwood Heath trams on Bristol Road this morning at 9.0am (No. 808). [It is one of 50 trams built in 1928 and numbered 762–811].

   Nothing much happened at school. There was a Choir practice as usual. We had Mr. P. Cadenhead for our Gym period.

   After school I went to a meeting of the Natural History Society. Two interesting films, “Wood Ants” and “Bird Sanctuary” were shown.

   I got home just in time to hear the first instalment of a new series of “Dick Barton”. Having done my prep. I went to the Library to get a book on the climate Holland, but returned with a History book of Birmingham.

For the LORD ... forsaketh not His saints. Psalm 37:28


   Nothing much happened at school today. I came home through town.

   This afternoon I spent doing homework as usual.

   I went to Cubs as usual. When I got back I took Ginger for her evening walk.

Korean War Diary for Sept. 13th to October 1st:—

Sep. 15th.U.N. Forces land on W. Coast & enter Inchon.

16th. Offensive launched on Southern fronts with aim of crossing Naktong.

17th. U.N. forces meeting fierce resistance. U.S.A. marines occupy Kimpo airfield north west of Seoul.

18th. U.S. forces mass on Han river near Seoul.

19th. U.N. forces recapture Waegwan.

20th. American troops meet stiff resistance in advance on Seoul.

23rd. U.S. 1st Cavalry Division advances 15 miles and enters Sangju.

24th. Gap between U.S. forces moving northwards and south from Inchon bridgehead narrows to sixty miles.

25th. Marines fight way to centre of Seoul.

26th. Seoul captured.

The LORD hath done great things for us: whereof we are glad. Psalm 126:3


   Today was Speech Day, so it was a day’s holiday for me [not having won a prize]. After breakfast I went shopping for Mam down the village and then I went for a walk with Ginger to Coventry Road.

   This afternoon Mam and I went to the Midlands Ideal Home Exhibition at Bingley Hall. As in previous years it was a very full exhibition and all the latest gadgets were on view of course.

Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in Thy sight, O LORD, my strength and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14


   In J.T.C. this morning we had an inspection and march past rehearsal for tomorrow. Nothing else happened & I came straight home.

   It was a beautiful day so I cut the back lawn or rather half of it. The remainder of the afternoon and evening I spent in doing homework. Actually it was after 10.30pm before I finished as I also had to do my uniform in readiness for tomorrow.

There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. Psalm 91:10


   This morning the whole school was shocked to hear of the death in a road accident yesterday of Robert P. Moseley (Hist. Div.). Pickworth is also in hospital seriously ill.

   This tragedy marred Field Marshal Montgomery of Alamein’s visit this afternoon. He inspected the C.C.F. on the South Field before we marched past. After this “Monty” spoke to us in Big School & amongst other things he told us about his visit to Moscow in January 1947 and all about Marshall Stalin. There was a photo of the inspection in tonight’s [Birmingham] Mail and [Evening] Despatch.

   Mam & Dad went to the cinema as usual this evening. I did my prep.

In Thy light shall we see light. Psalm 36:9


   I forgot my locker-key this morning but it did not matter much.

   In Chemistry we completed last week’s experiment.

   This afternoon I played inside-right for Robin Hood Jets in a home practice match at Shirley Park. For the first half we kicked against the wind and were 6–1 down at the interval. The final result was 9–5. I got our third goal. As we were three men short, Mr. Cook played for us & we also borrowed two players. Nevertheless the other team was bigger & faster.

   After tea I fetched my Meccano Magazine & the Sports Argus. Later I took Ginger out for walk.

The Father loveth the Son, and hath given all things into His hand. John 3:35


   I got up first this morning and made a pot of tea. After breakfast I cut part of the back lawn and before dinner I took down the latest weather recordings.

   After dinner I read the newspapers and also lit a bonfire which went out within half an hour.

   Tonight I have taken Ginger for her evening walk and had a bath.

For I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day. 2 Timothy 1:12


   At dinner time today we had Choir Practice but nothing other than usual happened. Mr. Moore took Gym today. I came home on the Special Bus.

   During the evening I did homework and then I took Ginger out for her evening walk. We went up Olton Boulevard East and down Hazelwood Road instead of going through the village as we generally do.

The floods have lifted up, O LORD ... the floods lift up their waves. The LORD on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea. Psalm 93:3–4


   In Divinity at school we are studying the three Synoptic Gospels. In Maths we are doing indices and surds this week. We finished reading Noah during our double English period.

   I came home via Selly Oak and on the [No.11] Outer Circle bus for a change. When I got home I did prep. until nearly 6.0pm. (I had some dinner of course).

   This evening I went to Cubs.

Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; He also is become my salvation. Isaiah 12:2


   I caught the Special Bus with seconds to spare this morning. Nothing at all happened at school of course. Mr. Leeds took our Biology period as Mr. Monkcom had gone out with some sherrings to do some outdoor field-study or something of that order I presume.

   At dinner time I played football.

   This evening Mam took Clarice and Julia to the Ideal Home Exhibition. I spent over a couple of hours writing up Biology notes. Mr. Moore came at about 8.0pm.

   This morning & yesterday morning Clarice took the Admission Examination at Camp Hill. This was her final attempt.

Thou in Thy mercy hast led forth the people which Thou hast redeemed. Exodus 15:13


   Today being Founder’s Day we did not have to go to school. Instead twenty of us or more played a match at Selly Oak Park at 10.0am. My side was:— Barnard; C.J. Roberts, Jarmain; Bailey, Martin (Capt.), Pressdee; Myself, Barker, Ayto, Picken and L.M. James. During the first half I played in no less than five different positions! I was back in my proper position for the second half though. We lost 7–6 but it was not a bad game.

   I spent all the afternoon doing homework but in the evening I wrote some more of my book Smugglers’ Bay. Four chapters are almost complete — I have got the plot all worked out nicely now.

   [I bought today’s Rover (2d) as usual, No 1320, with pictures of motor-bikes on the cover, and an interesting strip, “Flights That Brought Fame” (the Wright Brothers, Bleriot, Alcock & Brown etc). I am reading a football story “It’s Teamwork that Counts”, “The Phantom Flyer” and “The Tough of the Track”. There are also adverts for Wren’s Dubbin which I always use on my football boots, Hornby Trains and Spangles, and instructions for making a telephone using two tins and a long piece of string — I am going to make one for Clarice and Julia to play with.]

A building of God ... eternal in the heavens. 2 Corinthians 5:1


   This morning the Girls’ Special did not arrive so all the girls crowded onto our bus, to the rather obvious pleasure of certain of our contingent.

   In Physics we had a short test. Last period — French — we had “Vingt Questions”.

   At 4.0pm I had to be at the B.B.C. studios in Broad Street for another audition for “Midland Magazine”. All being well I shall be making my third broadcast a month tomorrow. I am reading a short story.

   I got home for seven o’clock and during the evening I did prep. When it started to rain I went outside to stoke up the bonfire and it is now burning merrily.

In God we boast all the day long, and praise Thy name for ever. Selah. Psalm 44:8


   In Chemistry today I worked with Chadwin. We did an experiment to determine the equivalent weight of copper by electrolysis.

   This afternoon Robin Hood Jets had a practice match at Shirley against the same team as last week. We lost 5–4 this time. I played outside-right.

   Tonight I went round the corner to fetch the Sports Argus [from Dorlings].

And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof. Revelation 21:23


   I spent most of this morning in the garden with Dad and I also cleaned my football boots.

   After dinner I did some homework and read the newspapers. Dad and I took Ginger for a run in the park.

   This evening I read the lesson at a special service at St. Andrews Street. The reading was from Revelation Chapter 3, verses 14–21.

   I got home by about 8.45 and took Ginger for her evening walk

I will make Thy name to be remembered in all generations: therefore shall the people praise Thee for ever and ever. Psalm 45:17


   Nothing happened at school today. In Choir Practice we rehearsed some carols for a carol service at the end of term.

   In Gym we played a vigorous game of netball and had a shower bath afterwards as usual.

   I came home on the Special as usual and started on my homework straight away.

   Later in the evening I went to the Library and brough back a Gazetteer of the World. Unfortunately the latest population figures were for 1901. The population [of] Birmingham for instance is given as 533, 040, only half of its present population — about 1, 260, 000.

God ... giveth songs in the night. Job 35:10


   In Divinity this morning we had a test. Otherwise nothing happened. I came home through town.

   I spent most of the afternoon doing homework and also went down to the park to see if I could book a football pitch for Saturday but I was unable to get a pitch.

   This evening I went to Cubs in my Scout uniform. The Divisional Commissioner paid a surprise visit & informed me that I can take a Cub Instructor course as soon as I wish.

For in that He Himself hath suffered being tempted, He is able to succour them that are tempted. Hebrews 2:18


   We had no less than three tests at school today, Geography, Chemistry and Maths.

   At dinner time I went to a Musical Society concert in Big School. A Bach (1685–1750) Bicentenary Commemoration Organ Recital was given by T.F.H. Oxley. The programme included:— Prelude on Chorales (i) Wachet Auf! (ii) O Mensch, bewein dein’ Sünde gross, Fantasia & Fugue in G minor, Vivace from Trio-sonata No. 1 in E flat (last movement), and a “Short” Prelude and Fugue in C.

   I came home on the S.B.

   I did prep. for nearly all the evening and also took Ginger out at 8.45.

LORD, all my desire is before thee. Psalm 38:9


   This morning in J.T.C. we did mutual drill and mapwork in Platoon Classrooms.

   This afternoon I played hooker for Copland’s 2nd XV v Burgess’s 2nd XV. We lost, of course, by 23 points to 3 this time. It was a very good game however, and we played much better than our last match. Bottomley got our try.

   During the evening I did my prep as usual.

For in Thee, O LORD, do I hope: Thou wilt hear, O LORD my God. Psalm 38:15


   In Physics this morning Chadwin, Smith and I worked together.

   After dinner I played football for about fifteen minutes after which I cleaned my rifle.

   In French this afternoon we had four talks. Everyone has to give a talk in French to the class for about three minutes. I shall not have to give mine for probably for a fortnight yet.

   After school I went to the Kodak offices in town where Bob showed me round an exhibition of photographs etc. I got home for 6.15.

   Mam & Dad have gone to the cinema. [Montana (U) and Always Leave Them Laughing (U) are on at the Warwick, and Tony Draws A Horse (A) and Never Fear (U) at the Olton.] I have taken down [the] latest weather readings & sorted out the waste paper as well.

Ye shall have a song ... and gladness of heart. Isaiah 30:29


   Dad came down the village with me this morning. Nothing much happened at school. We did not do our own practical in Chemistry — Mr. Guy did one big experiment in which I did two weighings.

   This afternoon I played for Robin Hood Jets v Hawick’s at home. I had arranged this match myself as Willy Kington was their captain at left-half. Jarmain played right-back & Johnny Stokes at outside-right. Hawicks were a very good team & overran us completely by 13–1. Johnny Stokes scored four goals.

   This evening I went to the Warwick & saw Montana [with Errol Flynn, Alexis Smith, S.Z. Sakall] & Always Leave Them Laughing [Milton Berle, Bert Lahr, Virginia Mayo].

Jesus only. Mark 9:8


   I got up first this morning and spent an hour doing homework before breakfast. Later I removed my aquarium into an old saucepan as Dad wanted the glass bowl for some bulbs. I also went down the park to get some more pond weed.

   I spent most of the afternoon doing prep. Dad and I also took Ginger for a run.

   This evening I finished my homework & had a bath.

   We put the clocks back an hour this morning so it was dark by 5.30pm.

To God only wise, be glory, through Jesus Christ for ever. Romans 16:27


   As usual nothing happened at school today. I came straight home and spent all the evening doing Geography, English and Maths homework. I took Ginger for her walk.

   There has been a lot of talk lately about “Flying Saucers”. For several years now watchers across the world have reported strange disc-shaped objects crossing the skies noiselessly but at tremendous speeds. One suggestion is that they are from another planet, or on the other hand they could be a U.S.A. or U.S.S.R. secret.

   On January 7th 1948 at Fort Knox a 500 ft saucer appeared shooting out blasts of red flame. Capt. Mantell went up in a plane after it. The “saucer” dodged about to avoid the plane, the wreckage of which was found over a wide area.

I obtained mercy. 1 Timothy 1:12


   After dinner at school today I went into Edgbaston Park with Mr. Monkcom. Chadwin was also in the park — he has his own pass. We saw a dozen Tufted Duck, three Pochard and two Wigeon, as well as Mallard. Apart from the duck there were at least two Wood Pigeons, two Grey Wagtails, about nine Long-tailed Tits & several Magpies of course.

   We saw also a Grey Squirrel and a couple of Water Voles, so it was quite a profitable visit. Actually I believe Grey Squirrels originated in America until five or six pairs were released at Woburn (Bedfordshire).

Our help is in the name of the LORD. Psalm 124:8


   At dinner time today I collected my travelling allowance in the dinner hour today [sic]. Otherwise nothing happened at all.

   This evening I have dome some Biology homework, blancoed my belt & now I am listening to the 3rd part of Handel’s The Messiah played by the London Symphony Orchestra.

   Indications are that the winter will be a hard one. The oaks have been loaded with acorns this year & Hawthorn & Rowan berries have been clustered in thousands. Lapwings migrated over a month ago from North Scotland to the South of England, six weeks earlier than usual. In Stornoway, Ivory Gulls — herald of a very hard winter — have been seen.

Keep me, O LORD. Psalm 140:4


   I did not appear on parade this morning as I have caught a slight cold. I spent the eighty minutes in the library and managed to finish my Maths and Physics homework.

   I was able to spend most of the afternoon reading.

   After tea I did French homework and wrote a four-page essay about “Flying Saucers”. I had a bath before going to bed.

To God only wise, be glory, through Jesus Christ for ever. Romans 16:27


   Precisely nothing at all happened at school today except that John North and I got a prefects’ detention for talking while descending the stairs from Big School.

   I spent the evening listening to the radio. Mam and Dad went to the Warwick cinema.

Korean Diary for October 18th to October 24th:—

20th. 4, 000 U.S. paratroops dropped on Sukchon and Sunchon. South Korean troops 90 miles from Manchuria.

22nd. S. Koreans 48 miles from Chinese border in the North-West.

23rd. S. Korean 1st Division seize a 30-mile stretch along the river Chong Chon.

Ye are of God ... and have overcome them, because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. 1 John 4:4


   I had to pay 1d to get into school this morning. It was Birmingham University’s Carnival Day. They hoped to raise £10,000 for the Hospital and Child Welfare Fund. Individual garb varied from flaming ties to sideboards and padded shoulders. By all accounts the Town Hall has been “flogged” by barrow-boys in the Civic Centre.

   This afternoon Jets were without a match so I went to see Blues play Blackburn Rovers. The first half was a drab affair but the play improved considerably in the second half and we saw five goals — three to Blues (Stewart, Trigg, Smith). Blues are now 3rd in Div. II, their record:—

P15, W8, L3, D4, For 22, Ag 16, Pts 20

I lead in the way of righteousness. Proverbs 8:20


   After breakfast today Bob and I went for a cycle ride to Solihull. It was rather cold out. We had more frost in the night. While we were out we watched a harvester machine at work.

   After dinner we went to the Mission.

   Tonight I have written a few more pages to my book which I hope to finish before the end of the year.

In this was manifested the love of God towards us, because that God sent His only begotten Son into the world that we might live through Him. 1 John 4;9


   We had a Geography test this morning on the natural vegetation of the world. Nothing else happened all day. I came home on the Special as usual.

   I have just spent the greater part of the evening doing homework but I also went down to the Library and brought back four books, three on North Cornwall an Devon, and a fourth on the birds of Malvern.

   At 8.45 we listened to the first episode of “Paul Temple and the Van Dyke Affair”.

The LORD loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob. Glorious things are spoken of thee, O city of God. Psalm 87:2–3


   All our Divinity period this morning was spent in taking notes. In our English periods we started reading Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.

   Nothing else happened and as I was not picked for Copland’s 2nd XV v Biggs’ I came straight home. I did all my homework in the afternoon and went to Cubs tonight.

Korean War Diary:—

25th. U.N. forces in Korea continue to advance in all sectors.

26th. South Korean troops reach the Manchurian border.

27th. Chinese troops reported assisting N. Koreans.

29th. U.S. troops make new landing on E. coast. Chongju captured.

30th. Chinese troops reported fighting in Tibet.

Great is the glory of the LORD. Psalm 138:5

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