This morning I went down to Stratford Road to get another roll of wall-paper. Mr. Elwell did not have quite enough yesterday. He finished the papering today and then started on some painting.

   I also went shopping with Mam before dinner & I did more shopping during the afternoon on my bike. I finished reading today Out with Romany by Moor and Dale.

   Tonight I played football for half an hour in the park. Tomorrow afternoon I may be playing for a team, Robin Hood Jets — I don’t know yet. I met their manager this evening.

Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him. Psalm 37:7


   Nothing much happened this morning but this afternoon I cycled to Shirley Park with “Jack” [Clive Rogers] and Brian [Holliday]. Robin Hood Jets were playing Olton Orient there. Brian was playing in goal for “Jets” & Jack at left-half. I did not play until after the interval & then at left-back, an unusual position [for me; I usually play left- or right wing].

   At half-time we were losing 2–1 but afterwards Jack got a couple, putting us in the lead. Then two minutes from time Olton scored & the result was 3–3. It was a pretty even game all through. Jets’ record is P5; W3; L1; D1; For25; Ag18.

   Tonight Bob & I went to the Olton cinema to see Tension (A) and “The Marx Brothers at the Circus (U) — a good programme.

Thou canst do everything. Job 42:2


   I got up first this morning and took Mam and Dad a cup of tea in bed. Before breakfast I fetched my M.M. and Listener. Nest month B.O.P [Boy’s Own Paper] will be 1/- instead of the usual 9d. This is due to the increased cost of newsprint.

   I spent all morning reading. After dinner I played football in the park with “Jack”, Wilf [Rogers], Barry [Harvey] & Ken [Gray], also Ken. Beddowes.

   This evening I read The Ship of Adventure by Enid Blyton. I have now read the complete series [of “Adventure” books. I like the first one best, The Island of Adventure. The others are:— “The Castle”, “The Valley”, “The Sea”, “The Mountain”, “The Ship” — which I have just finished — and The Circus of Adventure.

Take heed what ye do: for ye judge not for man, but for the LORD who is with you in the judgment. 2 Chronicles 19:6


   Mr. Elwell came this morning to whitewash what used to be the coal-house.

   I went down the village for Mam & took Hound for a walk. We had dinner-tea at 3.45pm. I stayed in for the remainder of the afternoon.

   This evening “Jets” held a practice in the park & had sides. I played right wing for Mr. Cook’s side. We had a very good game. My side won 5–4 & I supplied at least three of the passes which got our goals.

Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of Persons: but in every nation he that feareth Him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with Him. Acts 10:34–35


   This morning I fetched the photographs which I took in Bude. All of them came out with the exception of the snap I took from the Breakwater. None were very good owing to the fact that the camera lets in light.

   Later in the morning I went shopping with Mam. I stayed in for most of the afternoon.

   This evening I went to Cubs as usual. I had thought of having three or four sixes which could compete against each other both in games and packwork. Tonight Mr. Thornborough & I put my idea into practice by appointing three probationary sixers. We have at least 25 cubs enrolled so another six needs forming.

Thy name is as ointment poured forth. Song of Solomon 1:3


   Today Mam took us to Dudley Zoo for the day. We met Mrs. Ashmore at Dudley at midday. Unfortunately it started to rain and the rain continued all afternoon. We enjoyed ourselves nevertheless. We saw penguins, raccoons, wolves, sloth bears and polar bears, leopards, cheetahs, yaks, kangaroos, deer, a camel, jackals, dingoes & an elephant that played a mouth organ. There were also numerous birds & parrots of many brilliant hues.

   I came away a little earlier than Mam [and Clarice and Julia] & went to St. Andrews to see Blues draw 1–1 with Coventry. It was a tensely exiting [sic] game. [Birmingham City:— Merrick; Badham, Green; Boyd, Atkins, Dorman; Stewart, Powell, Higgins, Smith, Berry.]

   Blues’ Div. II record is as follows:— P6; W4; L0; Dr 2; For9; Ag3; Pts10.

And I will bless them. Numbers 6:27


   Clarice and Julia started back to school again this morning so I have spent the day at Hartfield Crescent. During the morning I cut up writing paper etc., with a guillotine cutter. In the afternoon I took the class (Mrs. Wright’s) in reading and spelling.

   Tonight I read part of Out with Romany by Meadow and Stream.

   Last night there was a 30 m.p.h. [WORDS MISSING?] over Birmingham.

And ye now therefore have sorrow: but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you. John 16:22


   This morning I went down the village with Ginger and then later I helped Mam with her shopping.

   After dinner I went to Hartfield Crescent and for the first part of the afternoon I did one or two odd jobs for Mrs. Wright. After this I read to Miss [F.E.] Brookes’ class until 4.30pm. It rained continually from about 3.30.

   Tonight after Mam & Dad had gone to the cinema, I took Ginger for a walk to the park. She got a run at the same time. It was still drizzling.

And they shall see His face; and His name shall be in their foreheads. Revelation 22:4


   I stayed in for part of the morning but also took Ginger for a walk.

   This afternoon I played outside-left for Robin Hood Jets in an away match with Shelford United “B” at Lyndon Park. We lost the toss & had to kick uphill during the first half, which probably accounted for the fact that we resumed a goal down. We soon took the lead however, & the final result was 4–2 in our favour. I had quite a good game.

   After tea I decided to go to the cinema so I went to the Warwick to see a Technicolor film entitled It’s a Great Feeling (U) [with Jack Carson, Doris Day, Dennis Morgan, Errol Flynn, Danny Kaye, Patricia Neal, Ronald Reagan etc.] and a thrilling “A” film about bridge-building. This was called Steel Against the Sky.

The LORD of peace. 2 Thessalonians 3:1


   I got up first this morning and after breakfast cycled to see John Winrow. We went for a cycle ride together to Solihull.

   During the afternoon I played football for a short time & then Dad and I finished cutting the front lawn. With the very heavy rain we have had lately the lawns had not been cut since a month ago at least; consequently they are taking some effort.

   After tea I trimmed the edges of the front lawn, cut off all the seeds from the flowers & tidied up the garden generally. Later in the evening I took Ginger for her evening walk.

The LORD bless thee and keep thee. Numbers 6:24


   This morning Mam & I went to town and I bought a pair of royal blue and white football socks. The socks will do both for House Rugby and for Robin Hood Jets.

   After dinner I washed up & listened to “Mrs. Dale’s Diary” at 4.15pm. Unfortunately it rained on and off all the afternoon so I was unable to work in the garden.

   Tonight I have been reading the newspapers and have listened to the radio for 30 minutes.

   It has just been announced that Field Marshal Smuts died today at his home in Pretoria. He was 80 years of age & only recently recovered from pneumonia.

The LORD give thee peace. Numbers 6:26


   This morning I took Ginger for a walk down the village and then stayed in until dinner time reading.

   This afternoon I went to tea to John [Winrow]’s together with Michael Jacks and George Ney. Michael played the piano for most of the time. [John took photographs of Michael Jacks and me.]

   When I got back it was time to go to Cubs. As usual I opened the clubroom [at Baker Street] and collected subs.

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16


   For the first time this holiday I got up late — at 9.30am. I spent all morning cutting the back lawn with the shears. As Dad had sharpened them the job was not quite so tedious as it might have been.

   We have had a terrific amount of rubbish to burn so I lit a couple of bonfires. The refuse was wet but with a little persuasion & fanning I managed to make them burn.

   After dinner I went my favourite Coventry Road walk with Ginger. This time it took me 2¼ hours.

   Tonight Mam & Dad have to the cinema [the Olton, to see Bernard Miles and Basil Rathbone in a comedy, Chance of a Lifetime (U), and Bill Elliott in The Great Stagecoach Robbery (U)]. I finished the lawn & did blancoing.

   I wonder what form I’m in tomorrow?

God be gracious unto thee, my son. Genesis 43:29


   There was a terrible crush to see which forms we were in this morning. Finally I found I was in Upper V.C. This is a new form consisting of ten boys — Chadwin (V.C.), Clasper (V.C.). Dale (V.C.), Durnell (V.C.), Hollingworth (V.C.), Hopkins (V.C.), Smith (V.C.), Tickell (V.D.), Trafford-Willey (V.D.), and I.

   Our form-room is Room 19, just down the stairs from the Gym. It [used to be the Cleaners’ Room so] is just big enough to get in ten desks, and Mr. Whinnerah’s desk. [He is our form-master and new to the school.]

   How small the new boys look! I remember when I was a “sherring” [fresh herring] and thinking how big the fifth & sixth formers were.

   In J.T.C. I am in “A” Co’y, 3 Platoon.

   This afternoon I mowed the front lawn.

Giving thanks unto the Father. Colossians 1:12


   Today’s lessons were:— Double Physics with Mr. Whinnerah, French (Mr. Leeds — the rest of the form are in the lower set — Mr. Rees’) & Chemistry with Mr. Guy.

   This afternoon we had English (Mr. Cooke), Maths with Mr. Roberts, and French again. We are doing Maths as a form-set.

   Unfortunately I had to have a school dinner today but otherwise the day passed without incident.

   Life promises to be quite jolly in U.V.C.

   Tonight Mam & Dad have gone to the cinema as usual [to see Shirley Temple in Pride of Kentucky (U) and Ronald Reagan and Virginia Mayo in The Girl from Jones Beach (U) at the Warwick], & I am listening to the radio. [It has been the 10th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain today].

It is 8.15pm now.

The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and He addeth no sorrow with it. Proverbs 10:22


   At school this morning we had Biology with Mr. Monkcom followed by English and double Chemistry. It was the first time I had done Biology as a form subject since my days in Rem. C.

   In Chemistry we can work individually now. Today we did an experiment to find the % loss in wt. on heating Potassium Chlorate.

   [I paid a pound into my account at the Midland Bank today. I have now saved £4 10s 6d.]

   “Jets” had no match to play today so I stayed in and did some homework.

   This evening however I went to the Warwick Cinema to see Warner Bros. films, Pride of Kentucky starring Shirley Temple & Barry Fitzgerald, a good film about a racehorse, & another film, The Girl from Jones Beach, an “A” with Ronald Reagan & Virginia Mayo.

The LORD bless thee. Ruth 2:4


   This morning I got up first and later went round the corner to Dorling’s [to pay for two weeks’ papers, 3/- instead of 3/2d as we missed a Radio Times]. I spent the rest of the morning reading.

   It was Julia’s [9th] birthday party today and ten of her friends came to tea including Janet and Eileen [Prentice, from 151 next door]. The party lasted until 8.0pm.

Korean War Diary, Aug. 23rd-Sept. 12th:—

23rd. Offensive by North Koreans north of Taegu repulsed. British destroyer Comus attacked by aircraft in Korean Waters.

24th. Brit. troops embark at Hongkong.

26th. New N. Korean attack in Pohang area.

29th. Brit. troops arrive in Korea.

31st. N. Koreans launch attacks on two fronts.

1st. N. Koreans cross Naktong at many points.

3rd. Brit. troops in Korea move into forward area.

5th. Pohang captured by N. Koreans.

6th. British troops in action.

10th. New attack on Taegu.

The joy of the LORD is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10


   At school today we had Option, Physics, French, English; Option, Maths, P.T. For Option we can take Latin, German, Geography or History. I certainly didn’t want to do History again so I chose Geography with Mr. Benett.

   In Maths we are doing Algebra. In P.T. we were weighed and measured etc. I am now 5ft 4½ins tall (4ft 10½ins last year), weigh 7st 4lb compared with 5st 9lb. and chest 29–31½ins compared with 27–29ins.

   In Choir today we started rehearsing Haydn’s Oratorio Creation.

   This evening I spent in doing homework then took Ginger for her evening walk.

The LORD strengthened me. 2 Timothy 4:17


   At school today we had Divinity with Mr. Babb followed by Maths, and after break a double English period in which we read Noah by Andrew Obey.

   After school I ate my sandwiches in Room 19, our form room, and did some prep. I went there to work in peace and quiet but the din was terrible!

   At 2.30 at Eastern Road, Copland’s held their Rugby practice. We had a little game in which I played as hooker and then at second-row forward.

   I went to Cubs tonight. We are now twenty-six strong, eight of which are comparatively [new].

As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you: and ye shall be comforted. Isaiah 66:13


   Today’s periods were:— Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Biology (in the Natural History Museum), double Maths and lastly French.

   At dinner time I played football with Phil [Martin], Ian [Hunt] and Co. and scored five goals. (Flukes).

   As usual I came home on the Special Bus.

   This evening I pressed my uniform and did some homework as well. Later I took Ginger for her evening walk down Olton Boulevard East [to the 44 ’bus terminus] and up Warwick Road.

Thus saith the LORD of hosts ... he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye. Zechariah 2:8


   Today we had French first, followed by Geography and then Maths.

   In J.T.C. we did Mutual Drill and other revision.

   I came home through town and spent all the afternoon doing prep. The prep. took all the evening as well, though I had a bath at 8.30.

   The weather has again been very unsettled today and we have had heavy rain at times.

Thou therefore ... be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. 2 Timothy 2:1


   At school we are doing some rather interesting Mechanics in Physics.

   In English today we read [in our Palgrave’s Golden Treasury] a long poem called Rubaiyát of Omar Khayyám of Naishápúr — a strange title to a rather mystical poem by Edward FitzGerald.

   In Maths we are doing Algebra still.

   I played football at dinner time with Phil, Ian Hunt, Franklin & Co.

   Tonight I have spent in writing six pages of Biology notes. I let Ginger come in [from the garden shed where she sleeps] to keep me company while Mam & Dad are at the cinema. [They have gone to the Warwick to see Albert Modley in Up for the Cup (U) and Queen of Broadway (U).]

   At school Trevor Hopkins has gone into U.V.A. and J.M. Thompson has joined us so we shall number ten in all.

And when they saw Him, they worshipped Him. Matthew 28:17


   Nothing happened at school this morning.

   This afternoon I went to see B’ham City play Queens Park Rangers. It was the first ever league encounter between the two teams and a poor match anyway.

   Blues scored first when the Q.P.R. left-back Heath deflected Berry’s header into the net, but Rangers scored 4 minutes later through Addinall who “sold the dummy” to Atkins & scored with a left-foot shot: a good goal. Both teams played poor football. Too often passes went astray & the finishing was poor. It rained from 4.15 continually.

   I spent the evening doing Physics, Chemistry and Geography homework for over 2 hours.

Surely I know that it shall be well with them that fear God. Ecclesiastes 8:12


   As usual it has rained for half of the day. This morning I read the newspapers and this week’s Scout [from Mr. Harvey], and also took Ginger for a short walk.

   I stayed in all afternoon as it was raining.

   This evening I have read for an hour. I is 8 o’clock now. I am going to take Ginger for a walk soon and then go to bed.

I sat down under His shadow with great delight, and His fruit was sweet to my taste. Song of Solomon 2:3


   In Geography today we did General Geography, dealing mainly with climate. Last period in the morning, English, we did Comprehension. There was a Choir practice at 12.30pm as usual. Nothing else happened all day.

   I came home through town as I wanted to go to the Scout Shop.

   I spent the evening doing prep.

   Tonight, or rather in the early hours of tomorrow morning, there is a total lunar eclipse. I am hoping the sky will clear — as usual it has been raining again today at intervals.

Every word of God is pure. He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him. Proverbs 30:8


   It was 5.0am when I awoke this morning to see the Eclipse. Totality lasted from 3.54 to 4.40, so when I viewed the moon all of it was a ruddy colour but for a very small area in the south-east. The moon left the earth’s shadow at 6.2am.

   Nothing much happened at school. In Divinity we are reading an introduction to the Scriptures.

   After school at 1.30 Mr. Monkcom, Chadwin, Lewis, Rufus & I went bird-watching in Edgbaston Park. On the lake we saw several hundred duck, mostly Mallard, plus one Teal and seven Shoveler. We also saw a Reed Bunting.

   Tonight when I took Ginger out after Cubs I saw a BLUE moon.

His fruit was sweet to my taste. Song of Solomon 2:3


   In Geography this morning we started on Holland from the point of view of the reclamation of much of the land under sea-level. It is very interesting work.

   I played football at dinner time. Nothing else happened all day.

   This evening I have done prep. for over two hours, pressed my uniform and blancoed gaiters and belt.

   Yesterday’s blue moon caused no little disturbance & anxious people inquired if it were the end of the world. Actually the moon appeared blue due to the fact that dust particles about 6–8 miles high diffracted the light rays. It is possible that the particles originated from forest fires in N. America. The sun was blue in E. Scot[land].

God ... Saviour of all men ... that believe. 1 Timothy 4:10


   Nothing much happened this morning. In J.T.C. we had an inspection rehearsal as Field Marshal Montgomery is inspecting the C.C.F. tomorrow week.

   This afternoon our House 2nd XV played its first game of the season versus Williams’. I was hooker, my usual position. We lost 28–nil mainly because the forwards lacked any push in the scrum. The three-quarters weren’t too good either.

   Tonight I did homework and then took Ginger for her evening walk. As usual she did everything but annihilate three cats.

I had a bath before going to bed.

Behold, we count them happy that endure. James 5:11


   We worked on our own in Physics this morning. At dinner time I played football.

   In English we read Gray’s Elegy in a Country Churchyard, and in French we had a debate on Saturday morning school. Nothing else happened. I got a haircut on my way home this afternoon.

   Tonight I have done my prep. and also listened to “Any Questions?” on the radio. [It is Mam and Dad’s 16th Wedding Anniversary.]

   I had a bath before going to bed.

   [I wrote to Mr. D.M. Sinclair, General Manger of the Birmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus Co. Ltd. (“Midland Red”), to ask for the latest Fleet List, and the little red book, 5 × 3 7/8 inches, came yesterday, together with a fine colour map of “Midland Red” services.

   The list, published last month, includes the latest 44-seat S.13 type single-decker buses. They are numbered 3877–3976 which corresponds to their registration numbers OHA 877–976. “Midland Red” buses always have a “— HA” registration, denoting Smethwick, as their headquarters are at Bearwood.

   The map extends to Wrexham to the N.W., Nottingham to the N.E., Banbury to the S.E., and Gloucester to the S.W., and lists 13 connecting bus companies. They include Barton, Bristol, City of Oxford, Crosville, East Midland, Eastern National, Lincolnshire, Midland General, Potteries, Red & White, Stratford Blue, Trent, and United Counties.]

He endured, as seeing Him who is invisible. Hebrews 11:27


   Nothing much happened at school this morning. This afternoon I stayed in most of the afternoon [sic] and listened to a football commentary on the radio.

   This evening I went to a Birmingham Youth for Christ Rally at the Town Hall. It was a most enjoyable evening. Bryan S.W. Green, Rector of Birmingham, was the guest speaker & Madeleine Hickman was the Soloist. The rest of the music came from the Sparkhill Citadel [Salvation Army] Band and Songsters.

   Tonight the last trams are running on the Alum Rock, Washwood Heath and Lozells routes, being replaced by buses tomorrow. The Washwood Heath trams are going to Selly Oak & will not be scrapped yet. [The photo is of No.841, introduced in March 1929. It has a Short Bros body, M&G bogies and two 60 h.p. motors.]

Our Saviour Jesus Christ. 2 Timothy 1:10

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