Brian David Williams

All the days of my life

The days of a man’s life are threescore years and ten ...  (Psalm 90:10)

Log of recent changes to this site

Any future changes will not be listed here; see the Git repository for diffs.

2020-12-29 • (BJN) Moved to Netlify: what was is now
• Source code is now managed with Git.
• Search engine switched from Freefind to Duckduckgo.
• Email addresses removed.

2019-08-22 • Past tense for 2019 birthday.

2019-07-15 • Updated upcoming 2019 birthday.

2019-02-21 • New constructs added to CSS: Clearfix, Figure (so far without PHP).
• On Books page, Russia now has a photo (from diary) and summary of contents.

2019-02-02 • Bigger typesize for the Search box; added link to Advanced Search.
• Replaced the initial-contact email address (16d one was getting spam).
• Duplicated the "!home" homepage because some internal links still point to "index".
Inside Russia—a report (1973) is now available, on the Books page; the file was online all the time but there was no link.

2018-08-01 • Changed homepage intro to refer to 83rd birthday yesterday.

2018-03-17 • Changed homepage intro to refer to upcoming 83rd birthday.

2016-12-03 • New email address 16d-web replacing spammed 15c-web. Changed homepage intro about 80th birthday to 81. Removed para about UK Online farewell.
In 1940 diary, corrected many instances of italic-off-immediately-on (and bold-) that caused words to run together. Probably need to do other years too, and correct the Impression source files.

2015-08-15 • New email address 15c-web replacing spammed web130724; replace email addresses elsewhere in the site with pointer to home page. Changed homepage intro about 80th birthday to past tense.

2015-05-18 • Updated birthday phrase in home page intro.

2013-07-31 • In Hosea book intro, added text "The separate migrations of Israel and Judah" to the MAP heading so that search engines will find the map. Similarly altered the ALT text for the graphic.

2013-07-31 • Update Brian's age (today is his birthday). Replace online contact addresses, which have been spammed. Remove note about move from UK Online server. Add background colour to external iframe and a note about its scrollbar

2011-01-28 • Update note at top of home page about move to new server and Google having to catch up.

2011-01-14 • Prepare to move files to new server at Purley Hosting, because good ol’ UK Online is closing down, having been taken over by Sky. Replaced online contact addresses. Resubmit to Freefind with new URL.

2008-11-21 • Brian is now 73 on index page! Corrected chemical subscripts in 1955 (file 550101.html), plus minor corrections spotted en route. (but neglected to upload this log and index page till 090602...)

2008-09-17 • Several minor corrections.

2008-07-31 • Full 1955 diary put online, formatting to be checked, photos to follow. Updated index and diary.introA. Resubmitted to Freefind.

2008-02-13 • Contact addresses changed because previous ones have been found by spammers.

2007-07-31 • Full 1954 diary put online, formatting and photos to follow. Updated index and diary.introA. Resubmitted to Freefind.

2007-07-31 • Search facility updated after submitting to Freefind for a total "re-spidering" .

2007-07-27 • corrections to links: for book cover on home page; for pix in 1940, 1972 and 1973 pages.

2007-07-01 major revision. Many expansions and retrospective comments added; all work that was stored unformatted on an external site since the last major revision is now incorporated. Small change to CSS heading sizes.
• contact addresses changed again to thwart spam

2007-03-19 • book Britain in Prophecy put online (first published 1967, reprinted 1992)
• Christmas message moved to here
• reference to guestbook amended on homepage and new-content form removed from guestbook page
• contact addresses for Brian and Abbey Press amended on homepage

2007-03-19 • this changelog initiated, replacing notes removed from foot of homepage

2007-02-13 • removed Nedstat code from Books index page

2006-12-04 • removed Nedstat Pro code v2.005h (which was online since 2005-07-14) because it is now generating popup ads

2006-12-04 • Christmas message put online

2006-10-16 • small corr to index and guestbook

2006-07-21 • table correction

2006-06-25 • deleted guestbook spam

2005-07-29 to 2006-03 • various new entries to years 1935–46 and 1954–2005 put online (stored separately on another site, unformatted)

2005-07-17 major revision, with some photos in 1935–46 and 1954–2005 sections


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