Buying the ring

   Today I bought Freda her engagement ring. We both made arrangements to have the afternoon off so that we could go to Satchwell’s Warehouse in Buckingham Street. We planned to return the rings we received on Saturday and choose one from their other stock. We met outside Snow Hill Station at 2.0pm and went by ’bus to Livery Street.

   At the Warehouse we were terribly disappointed to find they had no other rings. The four they sent had been obtained specially, so we came away very disappointed. Freda ’phoned Mr. Powley and we thought we would try Lawrence’s Warehouse, but first we had to meet Mrs. Powley, who had to buy a dress from Paige’s. This took just an hour until 4.0pm, then we had a cup of tea in the Kardomah café. By then we had decided to go instead to Perry’s for the ring.

   There was one in the window which immediately caught my eye and Freda’s — a lovely sapphire in a cluster of diamonds costing £27. The man brought the tray from out of the window and we had a look at this and another one at £38. There were no other sapphire and diamond rings in this style.

   I think I knew right from the start that Freda had already made up her mind. She did not want to go to any other shop or see any other rings. This was JUST THE ONE, and in less than five minutes we had bought that ring and were on our way to catch the 4.50 train home!

   Freda’s ring is very similar to Mrs. Powley’s. We were all very pleased with it. Freda has been wearing it ever since we got home! The purchase price includes free insurance for twelve months, and free alteration of the size. But it fits just perfectly.


Saved from the gallows

   After writing to Percy Shurmer M.P. about John Spriggs, it was a great joy and relief to hear that he is not going to be executed, I had a letter from Mr Shurmer this morning:—

      House of Commons, London S.W.1


      140, Belgrave Road, Birmingham 5

Dear Mr William [sic]

   Thank you for your letter of 23 Re John Spriggs.

   You were no doubt pleased when you heard that he had been reprieved.

   I may say that I had some idea on Thursday night when I had a chat to the Home Secretary and he assured me not to worry it would be alright, I dare not have made it public before he made his Statement.

   Thank you for your interest.

      Best Wishes

      Yours sincerely

      Percy Shurmer

   What a nice man Mr Shurmer is. He has been our M.P since 1945 when he won the seat for Labour, defeating Leo Amery. He was born in 1890 and was in the Merchant Navy, which he left when he got married .He had various jobs before being elected to Birmingham City Council in 1921. He helped me once before when Oral Roberts asked me about the possibility of broadcasting on Commercial TV.



A memorable lecture

   Tonight Freda and I went to the Alex Wood Memorial Lecture at the Friends Meeting House. It was given this year by Prof. H.H. Farmer D.D., who is Norris-Hulse Professor of Divinity at Cambridge

   The lecture was on The Christian Person and Morality and I bought a printed copy afterwards. Freda said it was the first time she had attended a meeting or lecture and not understood one word of what it was about. For my part I must find out what an Anthanasius contra mundum is [sic, Athanasius].

   We went into town on the 6.38 train and travelled back on the 8.50.

   The Jacobs were at the Powleys when we got back. [Dorothy (née Hill) and Ted Jacobs were neighbours of Freda’s parents when they lived at Mirfield Road.]

   I had a letter this evening on my return from work, from Gerald Ellis. He says:—

   Thank you very much for your letter, and also for the inspiring message God Can Heal You! I did not know that you had been called to the Healing Ministry, but I do wish you well and pray that God will “greatly” use you

   I have always been intensely interested by faith healing, and I’ve just read a book, you may have read — Positive Thinking by Rev. N.V. Peale. It is staggering what can be achieved when we really take Christ at His Word. Well, more power to your elbow, Brian. I shall read again many times your paper and thank you for sending it to me.

      Yours sincerely,


   I haven’t read The Power of Positive Thinking but I shall have to tell Gerald that Divine Healing is nothing to do with thinking. It is the healing power of Christ Himself conveyed by the laying on of hands. Only Christ can heal!


Anne Vickery and Ron Jesson are married

   This morning Freda and I saw Anne and Ron married at 10.45am. It was an odd feeling seeing a girl married whom you were courting less than two years ago. I remember saying then that Anne should pray about her future husband and this is surely a wonderful answer to prayer. I felt so happy, as indeed we both did, to see them married.

   Just before the service started there was a steady drizzle and then this turned into a heavy snowstorm. Ann Stagg was bridesmaid and Ron’s brother the best man. Mr Dibben “said the service” and the two hymns were O Love that wilt not let me go and Love divine, all loves excelling.

   After the service the reception was held in Room 1. There were about 70 of us for coffee and wedding cake. Anne and Ron went away about 12.45pm. Their destination was a closely guarded secret but we are pretty sure it was 118 Westley Road! There was a light on in the house twice this evening.

   This afternoon Blues were playing Villa at St. Andrews, but when the snow finally abated it gave way to a drizzling rain so we didn’t go although Dad had his shoes on ready. I was glad I had decided to stay in and work because the match had to be postponed. I spent the afternoon planning a Gospel article on “How to Receive God’s Richest Blessings,” and working on a Parade Service I am due to take, D.V., tomorrow week.

   I also watched parts of the England v France International from Twickenham. England won 0–5 with tries (2) from Jackson and Evans. Peter Jackson has now scored all but one of England’s tries this season. Undoubtedly he is one of the finest wingers England have had in years.

   At 6.0pm Freda and I went to the Balsall Heath convention where we were showing the A.A. Allen film again. We enjoyed this much more than last time as we could see in reasonable comfort, having got there early. The whole evening was an inspiration and Freda too felt blessed by the message and the healings. Last time we showed the film, one lady was healed of an illness she”d suffered since August and she gave her testimony tonight.

   Pastor Everitt asked if I could preach on March 17th instead of 24th as that weekend they were hoping to have Pastor Whittle [Rev. Leonard R. Whittle] of Bootle, Liverpool, who founded the Homeland Missionary Society.

   The heavy rain which started again at 6.30pm had stopped by the time we left. The Assembly had been full to capacity again and there were about ten of us waiting for the 1A ’bus. One ’bus went by without stopping, much to our consternation.

   In 1975 Freda’s widowed mother will marry Joseph Jesson, Ron Jesson’s father. Anne will thus become my wife’s step sister-in-law.


   I had a letter this morning from Lynn Stephens, the young lady to whom Cyril asked me to write. She says she was baptised in the Holy Ghost just a few days after I sent her my message on “Faith,” and Oral Roberts’ tract.

   “I write and thank you for your most wonderful testimony … I have read your testimony over several times and have showed it to my friends. I really marvel at your faith in God.”

   Praise God for wonderful answers to prayer.

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