All titles are on cassette tapes except for those marked
# which indicates a REEL recording

[ ] indicates a tape for which no number was issued

Some early tapes have had to be renumbered as old recordings have come to light
since the original numbering. The original numbers are in [ ]

TAPE MISSING indicates a tape known to have existed but not found
at the time of this listing

+ indicates that the tape has been transcribed (usually not checked)

Titles in CAPITAL LETTERS have been published. See Book list for ISBN

BBC indicates a BBC programme, usually on Side 2

00119/11/49BBC Talk on Bird Watching in Midland Magazine
King Edward’s School Song & Jerusalem
6/12/57Healing-line, Silloth
[ ]4/ 5/58Acocks Green Methodist Church Sunday School Anniversary
00226/ 5/58The Miracle Touch, Margate
18/ 5/59Baptismal Service, Margate
0034/10/59The Prodigal Son, Stockton-on-Tees
004a [004]16/ 9/60Healing at Bethesda, Cheltenham
#BBC The Godmongers: 1 Our Father who art on earth
b [005]17/ 9/60Three Steps to Healing, Cheltenham
c [006]+18/ 9/60The Compassionate Christ, Cheltenham
#BBC The Godmongers: 2 The Lobster Pot
[010]#16/ 9/60ITV Midland Montage, interviews with Joe Mercer, Gil Merrick, Brian & Freda
[ ]8/10/60Prepare to Meet thy God, Stockton-on-Tees
[ ]28/11/60By Midland Red bus to London on the M1
28/11/60Evening traffic at Frankfurt
1/12/60Sounds of the Trevi Fountain, Rome
12/ 1/61Chorus singing, Kano
[ ]14/ 1/61Night Sounds, Abeokuta
16/ 1/61Message on Healing (part) interpreted in Yoruba and Imo
[ ]28/ 1/61Freda reading on cannibalism and polygamy
29/ 1/61Cont.
[008]+29/ 2/64WASHING THE SAINTS’ FEET, Billericay
[009]1/ 3/64Nebuchadnezzar’s Vision, Chelmsford
[010]14/ 5/64JESUS THE HEALER, Wallingford
[ ]+24/ 5/64The Centurion’s Servant, Wallingford TAPE MISSING
[011]+7/ 6/64TIME TO BUILD THE TEMPLE, Wallingford
[ ]10/ 7/64The Church of God, Wallingford
[ 13]+19/ 7/64God’s Judgment on Modern Sodom, Wallingford
27/ 9/65Coming Judgment on Britain, Westcliff-on-Sea LOST
009#+28/ 9/65GOD’S SILENCES ARE NOT REFUSALS, Westcliff-on-Sea
010#+29/ 9/65FAITH IN LIFE’S STORMS, Westcliff-on-Sea
011#+30/ 9/65JESUS MISSING YET NOT MISSED, Westcliff-on-Sea
012#+1/10/65The Miracle Touch, Westcliff-on-Sea
013#+2/10/65Ahab and Jehoshaphat, Westcliff-on-Sea
014#+3/10/65Jesus the Bread of Life, Westcliff-on-Sea
015#+3/10/65Wanting to See Jesus, Westcliff-on-Sea
016#+3/10/65The Road to Emmaus, Westcliff-on-Sea
017 [018]+25/ 3/67ELIJAH SPEAKS TO BRITAIN, Plymouth 1
018#+26/ 3/72The Rich Man who Sought Jesus, Plymouth 2
019#+27/ 3/67Coming Judgment Unless, Plymouth 3
020 [021]+28/ 3/67BRITAIN RETURNS TO GOD, Plymouth 4
021#29/ 3/67The Prophet’s Ministry to the Nation, Plymouth 5
022#+30/ 3/67The Ministry of Divine Healing, Plymouth 6
023#+31/ 3/67God Hears and Answers Prayer, Plymouth 7
024#+1/ 4/67Preaching and Obeying the Word, Plymouth 8
026#+3/ 4/67The Precious Blood of Jesus 1, Plymouth 10
027#+4/ 4/67The Precious Blood of Jesus 2, Plymouth 11
029+6/ 4/67The Man Sent from God, Plymouth 13
030+7/ 4/67Jesus and the Storm, Plymouth 14
031+8/ 4/67OUR LORD’S RETURN, Plymouth 15 [CHECK TRACK 2]
[030]#+11/ 5/67What’s Wrong with Britain Today? Caxton Hall
031#+2/ 6/67Jesus and the Paralytic Man, Hull
032#+3/ 6/67THE SECRET OF LIFE, Hull
033#+4/ 6/67Holy Communion, Hull
034#4/ 6/67Jesus in the Temple, Hull
035#+8/ 7/67The Making of a Man of God, Bilston
03717/ 6/67Why Christ Must Return, Chelmsford
03819/ 6/67God’s Plan for Israel, Chelmsford
039 [039]20/ 6/67Israel Redeemed, Chelmsford
04021/ 6/67Isaiah 53, Chelmsford
04122/ 6/67The New Covenant, Chelmsford
#23/ 6/67Chelmsford TAPE MISSING
042+24/ 6/67WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LOST TRIBES? Chelmsford
043#26/ 6/67David’s Throne Found Today, Chelmsford
04427/ 6/67Jesus, Son of David, Chelmsford
04528/ 6/67Call of the Twelve Apostles, Chelmsford
046+21/ 7/67Immortality in Jesus
04728/ 7/67Life Only in Christ
0484/ 8/67How the Gospel Came to Britain
0491/ 9/67The Church of God
0508/ 9/67Jerusalem
0516/10/67Current Events
05213/10/67Which Day is the Sabbath?
05320/10/67The Law and the Sabbath
05427/10/67The Kingdom of God and of Heaven
055+3/11/67The Ministry of Angels 1
056+10/11/67The Ministry of Angels 2
05717/11/67Divine Economics
05824/11/67Is Racial Segregation Scriptural?
0591/12/67Why People Can’t Understood the Bible
0608/12/67Babylon, Rome and the Protocols
06115/12/67What God Says about Race
06222/12/67The Nativity of Christ
06329/12/67Study in Hosea 1
06412/ 1/68Study in Hosea 2
06519/ 1/68Questions and Answers
06626/ 1/68Study in Hosea 3
0672/ 2/68Study in Hosea 4
0689/ 2/68The Descendants of Judah
06916/ 2/68The Jews Are Not All Judah
07023/ 2/68Was Jesus Christ a Jew?
0711/ 3/68The Kingdom Taken from the Jews
072#8/ 3/68What it Means to be Saved
073*15/ 3/68The Gold Crisis
07422/ 3/68Israel Redeemed
07529/ 3/68God’s Sacred Calendar
076#5/ 4/68Passover
077#12/ 4/68Passover and Holy Communion
078#19/ 4/68Laws of the Kingdom: Food Laws
079#26/ 4/68Food Laws/Jesus in Britain
080+3/ 5/68Speaking in Tongues 1
081+10/ 5/68Speaking in Tongues 2
082+17/ 5/68Speaking in Tongues 3
083+24/ 5/68Speaking in Tongues 4
084#14/ 6/68The Return of Christ 1
085#21/ 6/68The Return of Christ 2
086#28/ 6/68The Return of Christ 3
087#2/ 7/68Revival in Ethiopia, Rev C.K. Oglesby,
088#5/ 7/68The Return of Christ 4
089#12/ 7/68The Return of Christ 5
090#19/ 7/68Prayer 1
091#26/ 7/68Prayer 2
092#2/ 8/68Witness of the Stars and Pyramid
093#6/ 8/68Message of the Great Pyramid 1
094[Issued to non-existent tape confused with 140]
095#30/ 8/68Current Events: The Gold Crisis
096#6/ 9/68Who is Jesus? 1
097#13/ 9/68Who is Jesus? 2
098#20/ 9/68Jesus is the Word of God
099#27/ 9/68The Holy Spirit 1
100#4/10/68The Holy Spirit 2
101#11/10/68Marriage and Divorce
102#18/10/68Divine Plan of the Ages 1
103#25/10/68Divine Plan of the Ages 2
104#29/10/68The Synagogue of Satan 1
105#1/11/68Predestination and Election
107#15/11/68Church Worship
108#22/11/68God’s Chosen People
109#29/11/68Outline History of Israel
110#6/12/68What Happened to the Lost Tribes? 1
111#13/12/68What Happened to the Lost Tribes? 2
112#20/12/68Pagan Christmas
113#27/12/68The Apollo 8 Moonshot
114#3/ 1/69The Throne of David 1
11510/ 1/69An Everlasting Throne and People
11617/ 1/69An Enduring Dynasty
117#24/ 1/69The Throne of David 4
118#31/ 1/69The Throne of David 5
119#7/ 2/69Parables of the Kingdom
120#14/ 2/69The Throne of David 6
121#21/ 2/69The Union Jack
122#28/ 2/69The Stone of Israel
123#7/ 3/69The Great Pyramid
124#14/ 3/69The Resurrection of the Body 1
125#21/ 3/69The Resurrection of the Body 2
126#24/ 3/69(Billericay) REEL TAPE MISSING ?
127#28/ 3/69Two Resurrections
1281/ 4/69The Passover
1294/ 4/69St Paul in Britain
130+11/ 4/69The Seed of the Serpent
13118/ 4/69Who Were the Giants?
13225/ 4/69The Synagogue of Satan
1332/ 5/69Our Heritage in the Prayer Book
134#30/ 5/69Evangelism and Divine Healing
135#6/ 6/69Three Worlds
136+20/ 6/69The Song of Solomon
137+25/ 6/69BRITAIN’S CRISIS AND CURE, Southampton
13827/ 6/69Prince of Wales’ Investiture
139#4/ 7/69Calvinism-Romans 8
140#8/ 7/69Message of the Great Pyramid, Billericay, 2 tapes
141#11/ 7/69Israel and Assyria in Bible Prophecy
142#18/ 7/69Can We Expect Revival? [Joel 1-2]
143#25/ 7/69The Apollo 11 Moon-landing
144#1/ 8/69The Book of Joel 2
145#8/ 8/69The Proof of Prophecy [Bible Cities in Prophecy]
146#15/ 8/69Religion of Pre-Christian Britain
147#22/ 8/69Britain in the 1st Century
148#29/ 8/69The Abrahamic and Mosaic Covenants
149#19/ 9/69Why Rome Fell
150#26/ 9/69Scriptural Holiness TAPE MISSING
151#1/10/69Our Christian Heritage, Billericay, 2 tapes
152#3/10/69Moses’ Ethiopian Wife
15310/10/69The Spirits in Prison
15417/10/69Enoch and Elijah
155#24/10/69Bible Numerics
156#31/10/69Seven Times Chastisement
157#7/11/69The Middle East Crisis
158#14/11/69The Oneness of God
159#21/11/69The Spirit of Revelation
160#28/11/69The Ministry Gifts
161+5/12/69Marks of the True Church
162#9/12/69TITLE ? Billericay
163#10/12/69Vista of the Coming Age ? Billericay
164#12/12/69Theocratic Government of The Church
165#19/12/69The True Pastor
166#26/12/69Shepherd-King of Israel
[ ]2/ 1/70Christian Behaviour LOST
167#9/ 1/70The Ministry of the Pastor [The Spirit of Revelation]
168#16/ 1/70The Teacher
169#23/ 1/70Simon Magus and the Papacy
170#30/ 1/70Feet Washing
171#6/ 2/70Baptism in the Spirit 1
172#13/ 2/70Baptism in the Spirit 2
[ ]#17/ 2/70Japan (Lionel H. Thompson)
173#+20/ 2/70Gifts of the Spirit 1
174#27/ 2/70Speaking in Tongues
175#6/ 3/70The Jew-Arab Crisis
176#13/ 3/70Creation [Studies in Genesis (1)]
17720/ 3/70Things that Have Been from Old [Studies in Genesis (2)]
17827/ 3/70Studies in Genesis (3)
1793/ 4/70The Serpent [Studies in Genesis (4)]
180+10/ 4/70The Tree of Life [Studies in Genesis (5)]
18119/ 4/70Festival of the Passover [Christ Our Passover]
18224/ 4/70Fallen Angels1
1831/ 5/70The Giants after the Flood
184#+8/ 5/70Traditions of the Flood
185+15/ 5/70Chronology of the Patriarchs
18622/ 5/70How Many will God Save?
187+10/ 7/70The Doctrines of Grace
18831/ 7/70The Promises Made to the Fathers
1897/ 8/70The Earth is the Lord’s
1904/ 9/70Report on Palestine 1
19111/ 9/70Report on Palestine 2
19218/ 9/70Isaac and Rebecca (Jasher)
1932/10/70Pre-existence of the Adamic Race
1949/10/70Concepts of Space and Time
19516/10/70Britain’s Greater Empire
196#23/10/70Contending for the Kingdom, R.A. Bradbury
197+30/10/70Israel-Britain’s Defence Policy
1986/11/70Governmental Basis of the Kingdom of God
19913/11/70Modern Day Identity of Judah
20020/11/70Where is the House of Judah?
20127/11/70Racial Origins of Modern Jewry
2024/12/70The Offspring of God
20311/12/70The Marks of Benjamin
20418/12/70Grandeur of Cosmic Redemption
20525/12/70Consequences of the Incarnation
2061/ 1/71Revelation of Truth in Natural Science
2078/ 1/71Synthesis of Science, Religion, Philosophy
20815/ 1/71Spiritual Engineering in the Archaic World
[ ]#29/ 1/71The firstborn (Albion S. Gaunt) NOT COPIED
2095/ 2/71Sons of the Father
21012/ 2/71Mystery Religions of the Ancient World
211+19/ 2/71A Grain of Mustard Seed 1
212+26/ 2/71A Grain of Mustard Seed 2
2135/ 3/71The Rich Man and Lazarus
21412/ 3/71Sabbath or Sunday?
215+19/ 3/71Questions and Answers
21626/ 3/71Japan in Prophecy
2172/ 4/71My Lai Massacre/Gems of Israel
2188/ 4/71Passover
2199/ 4/71God’s Purpose for the White Race
22016/ 4/71The White Race in the Plan of God
[ ]18/ 4/71Interview with Mary Stanton
[ ]3/10/71ITV Art for Today: The Nude 12.05-12.30pm
221+23/ 4/71The Story of St George/The Human Aura
22230/ 4/71Esoteric Significance of Magic Squares
2237/ 5/71Light, Energy and Spirit
224+14/ 5/71Reincarnation and Karma
22521/ 5/71Body, Soul and Spirit
22628/ 5/71Incarnation of the Spirit
2274/ 6/71Attainment of Spiritual Perception
22811/ 6/71Knowledge of the Spirit World through Dreams
22918/ 6/71Dreams a Vehicle of Divine Revelation
2302/ 7/71The Initiate’s Master of Dreams
231+30/ 7/71Pathway Revealed in the Ancient Mysteries
232+6/ 8/71Pathway Revealed in Greek Philosophy
23313/ 8/71Pathway Revealed in the Christian Faith
234+20/ 8/71The Raising of Lazarus
23527/ 8/71Questions and Answers
23617/ 9/71The Guardian of the Threshold
23724/ 9/71Festival of the Light and of the Sun
2381/10/71The Mystery of the Universe
2395/10/71Coming of the Sons of God, Billericay
2408/10/71Mysteries of Time and Space
24115/10/71Microcosm and Macrocosm
24222/10/71The Seasons
24329/10/71The Common Market Decision
244#5/11/71Israel and the Zodiac
245#12/11/71The Language of the Stars
246#19/11/71Astrology and Mathematics
247#26/11/71The Solar System
2483/12/71Is the Monarchy Outdated?
24910/12/71The Meaning of Christmas
25017/12/71The Mystery of Christmas
25124/12/71The Shepherds and the Magi
25231/12/71The Message of the Arts
2537/ 1/72Art and the Life of Feeling
25414/ 1/72Art and its Meaning
255a#17/ 1/72Role of the Spirit in the Life of the Body (Billericay)
b18/ 1/72Man’s Place in the Spirit World (Billericay)
256+21/ 1/72666 and the Mystery of Glastonbury
25728/ 1/72The Mystical Significance of 666
258+4/ 2/72Six and its Hidden Meaning
259+11/ 2/72Healing in the Light of Spiritual Cognition
260+17/ 2/72Healing and Karma
261+18/ 2/72Some Karmic Considerations in Divine Healing
2623/ 3/72The Resurrection of Jesus
26310/ 3/72Reincarnation
26417/ 3/72The Concept of Karma
265+24/ 3/72The Way of Initiation
266+31/ 3/72Knowledge of the Higher Worlds
2672/ 4/72The Mystery of Holy Communion
268/ 4/72Learning to See in the Spirit World (Kirkby Thore)
2697/ 4/72Our Visit to Kirkby Thore
270+14/ 4/72The UFO Phenomenon in the Light of Spiritual Cognition
271+21/ 4/72Mystery of the Flying Saucers
272#28/ 4/72Prosperity and Karma LOST
27310/ 5/72Dictating Notes on Fairies (Summerlands)
27412/ 5/72The Spiritual Hierarchies and the Elemental Spirits
275+19/ 5/72Man’s Life in the Spirit World
276+26/ 5/72The Working of the Elemental Spirits
2772/ 6/72Current Events [Death of the Duke of Windsor]
278+9/ 6/72The Meaning of Dance
279+16/ 6/72Dancing in the Light of Spiritual Cognition
280+23/ 6/72Questions and Answers
281+30/ 6/72The Nude in Art & Theatre
282+19/ 7/72The Nude in Art
283+21/ 7/72Questions and Answers
284+28/ 7/72Reincarnation: An Objection Answered
2852/ 8/72Further Light on Reincarnation [Notes on Initiation etc]
286+4/ 8/72R.C.s & the Charismatic Revival [Notes on Reincarnation]
287+11/ 8/72Has God Rejected the R.C. Church?
288+18/ 8/72Some Thoughts on the Interpretation of Prophecy
289+25/ 8/72The Church of Rome and Prophecy [Notes for last 3 weeks]
2908/ 9/72The Trials of the Initiate
29115/ 9/72The Nature of Man
29222/ 9/72Man as Supersensible Being
29327/ 9/72Life on Other Worlds [Notes for this & last 2 meetings]
294+29/ 9/72Michael Leader of God’s People
295+3/10/72The Mission of Michael
29613/10/72The Phenomenon of Colour
29720/10/72The Life Of Devotion
29827/10/72The Ministry of the Prophet
2995/11/72The Prophet as Initiate
300+10/11/72Historical Development of the Colour Senses
301+17/11/72Questions and Answers
302+24/11/72Mysteries of the Earth
303+26/11/72World Ages
304+1/12/72The Preacher and his Ministry [Study in John 7]
3053/12/72The Seven Ages of Man
30617/12/72Mysteries of the Cosmos
307+21/12/72The Birth of Christ in the Soul of Man
308+31/12/72Birthdays and Cycles of Life
309+5/ 1/73Ghosts and Apparitions
31012/ 1/73Britain’s Stone Circles
31119/ 1/73Notes for Previous Weeks
31221/ 1/73Geometry of the Stone Circles
31326/ 1/73Gematria and the Godhead
3142/ 2/73Science, Religion, Magic
315+9/ 2/73Lotus Flowers and their Development
316+16/ 2/73Reincarnation and Eternal Life
31725/ 2/73The Libyan Airline Massacre [Notes for Previous weeks]
3182/ 3/73Trinity and Godhead
[ ]7/ 3/73Papal Audience [Paul VI] at St Peter’s Audience cont/Part of message, Rome 6/3/73
[ ]10/ 3/73Ballets Africaines, Dakar, Senegal
319C30 Freda’s taped report 1 (from Rome)
32017/ 3/73The Syrophenician Woman, Accra
[ ]18/ 3/73C30 Freda’s taped report 2 (from Accra)
32118/ 3/73God’s Will to Prosper You, Accra
32220/ 3/73Blind Bartimaeus, Abeokuta
323+22/ 3/73Lecture to Nursing Staff,Sacred Heart Hospital,Abeokuta
32431/ 3/73Ministers’ Conference, Bristol Hotel, Lagos
3256/ 4/73How God Blessed us Overseas
326+13/ 4/73Questions and Answers
32720/ 4/73The Hidden Wisdom (with W.A. Koppejan)
328+27/ 4/73The Everlasting Ego [The Constitution of Man]
3294/ 5/73Demons, Ego and Personality
330+13/ 5/73Some Strange Psychic Phenomena
331+20/ 5/73How Soon will Christ Return
33225/ 5/73That They All Might be One (Kirkby Thore)
333+26/ 5/73THE HEM OF HIS GARMENT (Kirkby Thore)
334+26/ 5/73IMPOTENCE AND OMNIPOTENCE (Kirkby Thore)
33527/ 5/73Faith in His Name (Kirkby Thore)
33627/ 5/73Believing on Jesus (Kirkby Thore)
33728/ 5/73Baptismal Service
33828/ 5/73The Ministry of Healing (2 tapes) (Kirkby Thore)
339+29/ 5/73FILLED BARNS (Dent Foot) (2 tapes)
34031/ 5/73TV Interview on Border News and Lookaround
3411/ 6/73The Meaning of Baptism
342+8/ 6/73Current Trends in Politics [new title required]
343+15/ 6/73The Approach to Genesis
34422/ 6/73Earth’s Primaeval Origin
34529/ 6/73The Evolution of Man and Earth
34620/ 7/73How David’s Throne Came to Ireland
3483/ 8/73The Conquest of Fear
34910/ 8/73God Speaking by His Son
350+24/ 8/73Jeremiah in Egypt
351+31/ 8/73Cosmic Evolution
352+14/ 9/73Tracing Our Ancestors
35321/ 9/73The Evolution of Conscious
[ ]+26/ 9/73Visit with Mrs Hilda A. Bower (Ilkeston)
354+28/ 9/73Are All White Men Israelites?
35512/10/73Changed from Glory to Glory
35619/10/73Spiritual Ancestry
35726/10/73Kohoutek’s Comet: A Portent?
3582/11/73Fasting, Prayer and Meditation
3599/11/73The Transit of Mercury
36023/11/73How Karma Works
36130/11/73Our Visit to the Soviet Union
3622/12/73Crisis in Ethiopia (with Rev C.K. Oglesby)
36314/12/73The Working of Karma
364+21/12/73Mary, Handmaid of the Lord
36524/12/73Drama of the Incarnation
366+28/12/73The Working of Archangel Gabriel
36711/ 1/74Anatomy of a Crisis
36818/ 1/74Some Observations of Karma (2 tapes)
36925/ 1/74Striving for Unity
3701/ 2/74Jesus, Lord and Christ
3718/ 2/74General Election Prospects
372+15/ 2/74Questions on Catholicism
37322/ 2/74Version, Conversion, Perversion
3748/ 3/74Vishnu and Kundalini
37515/ 3/74Seership and Insight into Nature
37622/ 3/74More About Lotus Flowers
37725/ 3/74Reincarnation: Hope for the World (Billericay, 2 tapes)
37829/ 3/74Reproaches of the Ministry
3795/ 4/74Living in Two Worlds
38011/ 4/74The Creative Word (Kirkby Thore)
38112/ 4/74Esteeming One Another (2 tapes, Kirkby Thore)
38212/ 4/74The Meaning of the Cross (Kirkby Thore, Good Friday)
38313/ 4/74Marvels of Ancient Engineering (2 tapes, Kirkby Thore)
38414/ 4/74Thoughts on the Second Coming
38515/ 4/74Gifts of the Spirit (Kirkby Thore)
38619/ 4/74Speaking in Tongues
3873/ 5/74Living in the Spirit
388+31/ 5/74Working of the Spiritual Hierarchies in Evolution of Man
3897/ 6/74With Him from the Beginning
39014/ 6/74THE MIRACLE AT BETHESDA (Kirkby Thore, 2 tapes)
39115/ 6/74Facing the Storms of Life (Kirkby Thore, 2 tapes)
392+15/ 6/74MEETING YOUR FINANCIAL NEEDS (Kirkby Thore)
39316/ 6/74Jesus True and Living Bread (Kirkby Thore)
16/ 6/74Baptismal Service (Appleby) side 2 of 385
39416/ 6/74Jesus in the House (Evensong, Kirkby Thore)
39517/ 6/74Principles of Spiritual Invocation (Kirkby Thore)
39617/ 6/74Submitting Ourselves to God (Kirkby Thore 2 tapes)
39721/ 6/74Where is the Church of God?
3985/ 7/74The Doctrines of Grace
3997/ 7/74Salvation is of the Lord (Billericay)
40014/ 7/74Inner and Outward Calling (Billericay)
40119/ 7/74The Minister’s Authority
40226/ 7/74The Lord’s Prayer
403+2/ 8/74Who Was Adam?
4049/ 8/74Fall of a President [Richard Nixon]
40516/ 8/74Many Mansions
40623/ 8/74Reincarnation and World History
[ ]30/ 8/74On Spurgeon/BBC More Ways then One: Rudolf Steiner
40731/ 8/74Abiding in Jesus (Billericay)
40831/ 8/74Use and Abuse of Spiritual Gifts (Billericay)
40931/ 8/74What we Understand from Knowing Jesus (Billericay,2 tapes)
410+1/ 9/74Jesus Made Known in Breaking of Bread (Billericay)
[ ]1/ 9/74A Dream Interpreted (Billericay)
4116/ 9/74As Touching Idols
412+27/ 9/74IMMORTALITY BROUGHT TO LIGHT (Summerlands)
4134/10/74Marriage and Divorce
414+11/10/74Melchisedec and World Evolution
41518/10/74Divination and Prophecy
41625/10/74A New Dimension in Divine Healing
4171/11/74Hypnosis and Divine Healing
418+8/11/74God Evolved in Man
[ ]27/11/74A Visit with my Grandparents
4197/12/74Knowing Who we Are (Billericay)
4207/12/74Uses of Hypnosis (Billericay)
4217/12/74Discovering Past Lives (Billericay)
4228/12/74Exposition of John 12 (Billericay)
4238/12/74Understanding Christ’s Return (Billericay)
42610/ 1/75Signposts to Success
42717/ 1/75The Sublimation of Sex
42824/ 1/75Questions on Christ’s Coming
429+31/ 1/75The Coming of Elijah
430+7/ 2/75Marks of the Elijah Ministry
[ ]2/75Message from Brian Bosomworth/BBC Scriabin:Ecstasy DATE ?
431+21/ 1/75Elijah and Elisha
432+28/ 1/75The Sons of the Prophets
4337/ 3/75Life After Death
43414/ 3/75The Atonement in Reincarnation
4354/ 4/75Where are the Dead?
43611/ 4/75Between Death and Rebirth
43718/ 4/75What Saith the Lord on EEC?
43825/ 4/75The Natural and the Spiritual Man
4399/ 5/75Religious Exhibitionism (Billericay)
44010/ 5/75Exposition of Isaiah 1-9 (Billericay)
44116/ 5/75Seeing the Spirit in Nature
44230/ 5/75Prophets False and True
4436/ 6/75The Revival We Need
44420/ 6/75The Unforgivable Sin
4454/ 7/75Esteeming God’s Word
44611/ 7/75Foes Without and the Foe Within
4478/ 8/75God Coming Down
44815/ 8/75Revive Us Again
4495/ 9/75Man at Enmity with God
450+10/ 9/75The Metamorphosis of Man (Riverside)
45119/ 9/75Sure Proof of Salvation
45226/ 9/75Wonders of the Universe
4533/10/75The End of the Universe
45410/10/75O Lord, How Long?
45524/10/75Questions and Answers
45631/10/75Haggai’s Plea
4577/11/75Being on Time with God (Billericay)
4588/11/75The Ground and Purpose of Esoteric Teaching (Billericay)
4598/11/75Man’s Relation to the Spirit World (Billericay)
BBC The Saint of Deseret
46114/11/75Some Letters
462+5/12/75Are There Apostles Today?
46312/12/75Led by the Spirit (Kirkby Thore)
46419/12/75Geneaology & Chronology of Jesus (Summerlands)
46526/12/75Christ’s Coming Unnoticed
4669/ 1/76Three Keys to Success
46716/ 1/76Christ’s Coming in the Spirit World
46824/ 1/76Moving in Jesus (Billericay)
46924/ 1/76Called, Empowered, Sent (Billericay)
47024/ 1/76Hymn Singing: Eva’s Birthday (Billericay)
47113/ 2/76The Approach to Truth
47220/ 2/76Spiritual Approach to Agriculture
47327/ 2/76Reincarnation and Karma
4745/ 3/76Reincarnation and Christ’s Return
47512/ 3/76Reincarnation and World Evolution
47619/ 3/76Light on Revelation
47716/ 4/76Getting Our Needs Met
47828/ 5/76HEALING FOR THE NATION (Caxton Hall)
47928/ 5/76The New Jerusalem (Summerlands) CHECK ORDER OF TITLES
48029/ 5/76Spiritual Gifts 1 (Summerlands) — Illusory Pursuit of Healing
48129/ 5/76Magic Squares (Summerlands)
48230/ 5/76Spiritual Gifts 2 (Summerlands) — Discerning the Body
48330/ 5/76Measuring the City (Summerlands)
48431/ 5/76Spiritual Gifts 3 (Summerlands)
BBC Kaleidoscope:Thro‘ Penniless Porch to the Bishop’s Eye
4854/ 6/76Roots of Bitterness, Seeds of Healing
48611/ 6/76Forgiveness and Healing
48715/ 6/76How and Why Jesus Died (2 tapes)
48818/ 6/76Problems of Prophecy
48925/ 6/76Sickness, Healing and Heredity
4905/ 7/76What is Divine Healing? (Kirkby Thore)
4919/ 7/76The Descent into Hell
49216/ 7/76Entering the Spirit World
49323/ 7/76Things Under the Earth
4946/ 8/76Saul and the Witch of Endor (Kirkby Thore)
4957/ 8/76Truths Seen by Gematria (Kirkby Thore)
4968/ 8/76Dying to Live (Kirkby Thore)
10/ 8/76BBC Radio Carlisle Interview
49710/ 8/76VICTORY AND HEALING IN JESUS (Morland Parish Church)
49927/ 8/76Joel’s Message for Today
50029/ 8/76Church Order (Kirkby Thore, 2 tapes) CHECK SIDE 2
[ ]31/ 8/76Discussion re- Future Crusades (Kirkby Thore)
5013/ 9/76Marriage Supper of the Lamb
50210/ 9/76The Wilderness Experience
503+17/ 9/76Temptation in the Wilderness
50424/ 9/76The Personality of Satan
5051/10/76Demon Possession
5061/10/76The Science and Art of Divine Healing (Oxford, 2 tapes)
5078/10/76Healing as Spiritual Science
50815/10/76Faith and Healing
50922/10/76Learning to Give
51030/10/76At Mrs Van Rooyen’s House
51131/10/76Unseen Allies (Marandellas)
512+2/11/76WHAT RHODESIA MUST DO NOW (Salisbury)
5133/11/76Divine Rule in Human Politics (Gatooma)
5144/11/76The Battle Not Ours but God’s (Gwelo)
5155/11/76Healing Through the Word (Bulawayo)
516+6/11/76RHODESIA—THE WAY OUT (Bulawayo)
5177/11/76Is Jesus Missing? (Bulawayo)
5187/11/76Healing of the Lame Man (Bulawayo)
5197/11/76Rhodesia’s Need: Revival (Bulawayo)
5208/11/76How God Saves His People (Hartley)
5219/11/76On 2 Kings 18-19 (Salisbury)
523+13/11/76FAITH TRIED IN THE FURNACE (Johannesburg)
5243/12/76Our Visit to Rhodesia and South Africa
52512/12/76False and True in Healing (Billericay)
52624/12/76Man in Space
52730/12/76A Christian Cosmology
5287/ 1/77Man’s Origin in God
52921/ 1/77Emotional Factors in Disease
53028/ 1/77Questions and Answers
5314/ 2/77Unfolding Purpose in History and Evolution
53211/ 2/77Moses and Zipporah
53318/ 2/77Centrality of the Cross (Kirkby Thore)
53419/ 2/77A Psalm of Moses (Kirkby Thore)
53520/ 2/77The Calling of Samuel (Kirkby Stephen)
53625/ 2/77Hindrances to Healing
5374/ 3/77Reconciling History and the Bible
5386/ 3/77Rhodesia/South Africa Report (Bosomworth, 3 tapes)
53911/ 3/77God’s Method, God’s Order, God’s Will
54019/ 3/77Partners’ Lunch (Brighton, 2 tapes)
54125/ 3/77Perfecting Holiness
5421/ 4/77The Gateway to Life
5438/ 4/77Christ All and In All
5448/ 4/77The Thief in Paradise
54515/ 4/77WANTING TO SEE JESUS (Machakos)
546+15/ 4/77LED BY THE SPIRIT (Machakos)
547+16/ 4/77MIRACLE AT BETHESDA (Machakos)
54917/ 4/77The Great Commission (Nairobi)
550+17/ 4/77THE CHURCH IN ACTION (Nairobi)
55117/ 4/77God’s Programme for Kenya (Nairobi, 2 tapes)
552+19/ 4/77GOD’S MESSAGE TO SOUTH AFRICA (Johannesburg)
55320/ 4/77Has South Africa Lost Jesus?
55422/ 4/77Healing for the Inner Man (Cape Town)
55523/ 4/77CHECK SUBJECT Batteries failed, House meeting (Cape Town)
55623/ 4/77The Impotent Man, (House meeting, Cape Town)
557+24/ 4/77Blind Bartimaeus (Salisbury)
55825/ 4/77The New Birth (Salisbury)
55926/ 4/77Jesus Missing (Salisbury)
56128/ 4/77The Woman at the Well (Gatooma)
56229/ 4/77Shall God Save Rhodesia? (Bulawayo)
56330/ 4/77The Martyrdom of Stephen (Salisbury)
5641/ 5/77God our Help (Marandellas)
BBC Who’s for Church?
5652/ 5/77The Blind Beggar (Salisbury) TRACK 1 BLANK
5663/ 5/77Teaching on Spiritual Gifts (Salisbury)
5673/ 5/77The Lame Man Healed (Salisbury)
5686/ 5/77How God Worked in Africa
56921/ 5/77Partners’ Lunch, Cardiff
57027/ 5/77A few letters & Kenya Tape
5713/ 6/77Launch Out and Let Down
57210/ 6/77The Challenge of this Hour
57317/ 6/77Life after Life
57424/ 6/77Death and Beyond
5751/ 7/77Sign in the Skies
5768/ 7/77The Power of His Resurrection
57715/ 7/77Earth Magic 1 (Langdale Chase Hotel)
57815/ 7/77Earth Magic 2 (Langdale Chase)
Visit to Swinside
57915/ 7/77Studies in 1 John, Tape 1l (Langdale Chase)
16/ 7/77Studies in 1 John, cont.
58016/ 7/77Studies in 1 John, Tape 2 (Langdale Chase)
58116/ 7/77Out of This World 1 (Langdale Chase)
58216/ 7/77Out of This World 2
BBC All in the Mind?
58317/ 7/77Studies in 1 John, Tape 3 (Langdale Chase)
Studies in 1 John, cont.
58517/ 7/77Ancient Egypt and the Great Pyramid (Langdale Chase)
58619/ 7/77Studies in 1 John, Tape 4 (Langdale Chase)
58722/ 7/77Changed in a Moment
58829/ 7/77The Mystery of His Will
58919/ 8/77The Sound of Jesus’ Name
59026/ 8/77His Workmanship
5912/ 9/77Looking for His Kingdom
592/ 9/77Untitled (Billericay)
593/ 9/77Untitled (Billericay)
5949/ 9/77The Humanity of Jesus
59516/ 9/77Qualifications of Ministers
59620/ 9/77Untitled (Mark 10) (Trebanog)
597+21/ 9/77GOD’S ANSWER GOD’S WAY (Trebanog, 2 tapes)
598+22/ 9/77Believe and Be Baptised (Williamstown)
59923/ 9/77God’s Power at Trebanog
60028/ 9/77R.A.B. at Summerlands
6016/10/77R.A.B. at Summerlands
BBC 1000 Miles, 400 Years
602+11/10/77Why I Know that Jesus Will Heal You (Trebanog, 2 tapes)
60314/10/77The Wheat and the Tares
60428/10/77Numerics of Rebirth
6056/11/77Road to Emmaus (Hollywood, USA)
606+6/11/77Attempt and Achieve the Impossible (Hollywood, USA)
60712/11/77Healing Today (Shreveport)
60822/11/77With T.L. Osborn
609+25/11/77HEALING FOR THE INCURABLE (2 tapes)
6102/12/77The Church of God Restored
61116/12/77Man and the Hierarchies
61223/12/77A Christmas Meditation
613+30/12/77How to Get Help from God (2 tapes)
6142/ 1/78BRMB Interview on the Late Night Show
6156/ 1/78Use of Tongues in Prayer
6168/ 1/78Drama of the Endtime (Billericay)
617+27/ 1/78How to Receive a Miracle (2 tapes)
6183/ 2/78The Vine and the Branches
619+10/ 2/78Questions and Answers
620+24/ 2/78Turn Your Failure to Success
6213/ 3/78NO TITLE
622+10/ 3/78True Worship
62317/ 3/78Opposition to Faith Temple
62424/ 3/78A Visit to Riverside
62531/ 3/78NO TITLE
6267/ 4/78The Approach to Truth
627+14/ 4/78Power of the Church
62815/ 4/78Grand Hotel Lunch
629+28/ 4/78Possessing Our Inheritance (2 tapes +1 edited)
630+12/ 5/78Fundamentals of the Church of God
63126/ 5/78The Secret of a Happy Life
6322/ 6/78Earth and its Ages
633+3/ 6/78THIS IS THE DAY OF REVIVAL (Caxton Hall)
634+3/ 6/78THE WAY TO PENTECOST (Caxton Hall, 2 tapes)
635+9/ 6/78Revelation of the Church (Kirkby Thore)
63610/ 6/78The Keys to the Kingdom (Kirkby Thore)
63710/ 6/78Transfiguration (Kirkby Thore)
63811/ 6/78The Knowledge of God (Kirkby Thore)
63911/ 6/78The Hope of Glory (Kirkby Thore)
64023/ 6/78The Assurance of Understanding
64130/ 6/78Jesus is Alive!
6427/ 7/78The Risen Life
64314/ 7/78When God Rends the Heavens
64419/ 7/78The Power of Jesus (Salisbury, Rhodesia)
64520/ 7/78These Signs Shall Follow (Salisbury)
64621/ 7/78JESUS UNVEILED (Salisbury)
64722/ 7/78First and Last Words of Jesus (Salisbury)
64823/ 7/78Loosing the Captive (Salisbury)
64924/ 7/78Healing is the Children’s Bread (Salisbury)
65025/ 7/78WE SHALL NEVER NEVER DIE (Salisbury) CHECK ? 3 tapes)
651RBC Morning Mirror Interview
65226/ 7/78Doubting Thomas (Salisbury, continued on 655)
65327/ 7/78Sonship (Salisbury)
65427/ 7/78Dominion (Salisbury)
65528/ 7/78Power From on High (Salisbury)
65629/ 7/78Ministers’ Meeting (Salisbury)
65729/ 7/78Life’s Secret (Salisbury, continued on 661)
65830/ 7/78HOW TRUTH IS REVEALED (Salisbury)
659+31/ 7/78THE POWER TO HEAL (Salisbury)
660+1/ 8/78Life After Death (Salisbury)
6612/ 8/78Feeding on Jesus (Salisbury)
6623/ 8/78Feet Washing (Salisbury)
6635/ 8/78Healing the Lame Man (St Mary’s)
6646/ 8/78The Centurion’s Servant (St Mary’s)
6659/ 8/78What is Man? (Cape Town)
66612/ 8/78Ministers’ Conference 1
66712/ 8/78Ministers’ Conference 2
66812/ 8/78Ministers’ Conference 3
66913/ 8/78He is Risen (Nairobi)
67118/ 8/78Report from Rhodesiaia
67225/ 8/78Crisis and Authority in the Church
6731/ 9/78The Inspiration of Scripture
6748/ 9/78Armageddon
67515/ 9/78Is Prayer Necessary?
67622/ 9/78The Witness of the Shroud
67729/ 9/78? TITLE FT C120
6788/10/78Mass at Turin Cathedral (Last day of the Shroud) C120
67913/10/78Icons, Relics *& the Turin Shroud
68127/10/78Why do the Righteous Suffer? (2 C120 tapes) FT
68210/11/78The End of the Papacy?
68317/11/78Whither Rome and Canterbury?
68424/11/78Slides oif the Shroud C120 FT
68515/12/78The People’s Temple Tragedy
68622/12/78The Second Eve
68729/12/78How Mary Gave us Jesus FT C120
6885/ 1/79Interview with Ed Doolan BRMB C120
13/ 1/79Intervew with Geof Ryan HRB
6895/ 1/79Mary’s Role in our Salvation
69012/ 1/79Considering Mary
69126/ 1/79The Man Born Blind FT C120
69231/ 1/79On the Alastair Yates Show
Interviews on BBC Nationwide/HTV Something Different
6932/ 2/79The Excellency of Mary
6949/ 2/79The Way of Initiation
69516/ 2/79Portents of the New Age
69623/ 2/79How Jesus Called me FT C120
6972/ 3/79The Threat to Britain
6989/ 3/79The Generation of Vipers
69923/ 3/79The Crisis in the Work
70030/ 3/79Seven Words from the Cross FT C120
7016/ 4/79Where was Atlantis?
70217/ 4/79R.A.B. at Summerlands C120
70320/ 4/79Election Prospects
70427/ 4/79Britain at the Crossroads
7054/ 5/79Miracle at Fatima
70611/ 5/79Green Children & the Evil Eye
70718/ 5/79Burden for Revival
70825/ 5/79When God Sends Revival FT C120
7091/ 6/79Discipleship
7108/ 6/79Objections to Reincarnation
71115/ 6/79Reincarnation and the Gospel
71222/ 6/79Christ our Righteousness
71329/ 6/79What to do when all Seems Lost FT C120
7146/ 7/79The Psychology of Success
71513/ 7/79How to Become the Person You Would Like to Be FT C120
71620/ 7/79Approaching Genesis
7173/ 8/79Transmutation
71817/ 8/79Creation
71924/ 8/79The Meaning of Creation
72031/ 8/79The Tree of Life
72121/ 9/79Their Eyes Were Opened
7232/11/79The After-Life
7249/11/79Approaching Revelation
72516/11/79Revelation Continued
72630/11/79Where are the 144,000
7277/12/79TITLE ?
72928/12/79Follow a Star C120
7304/ 1/80Bless Your Money C120
73125/ 1/80Confidence for 1980
73222/ 2/80Why the Fear of Poverty?
7337/ 3/80Building a Positive Mental Attitude
73428/ 3/80The Self of God
73511/ 4/80Was Paul Mistaken? C120
73618/ 4/80The Occult Basis of our Faith C120
7372/ 5/80The Will to Succeed C120
7389/ 5/80Spiritual Forms in Nature C120
73911/ 7/80The Ten Commandments
74018/ 7/80Is Jesus God or Only Man?
74125/ 7/80Secret Power of the Pyramid
7421/ 8/80Who will be the Next President of the U.S.A.?
7438/ 8/80You Before the World Began
74415/ 8/80Knowledge from the Realm of Spirit
74522/ 8/80Dawning of the Age of Light
74629/ 8/80The Wonderful Mind that is You
7475/ 9/80Shape Your Own Destiny
74812/ 9/80The Amazing Power of Your Subconscious Mind
74919/ 9/80You Can be a Success
75026/ 9/80Wealth, Success, Prosperity for You
7513/10/80The Magic of Thinking Big
75210/10/80You Are An Israelite
75317/10/80Discover Your Roots
75424/10/80Have You Lived Before?
75531/10/80You Have a Stupendous Mind
75621/11/80Move into Prosperity - Now!
75728/11/80Power to Get Wealth
7585/12/80Your Quest for Reality
75912/12/80A Christmas Meditation
76019/12/80Will Jesus Come in Our Day?
7612/ 1/81How to Make Friends
7629/ 1/81Watching for the End-Time
76316/ 1/81Was Your Ancestor a Monkey?
76423/ 1/81We Shall See Jesus
76530/ 1/81When the Earth Turns Over
7666/ 2/81Your Faith Can Change Your Life
76713/ 2/81A Warning from Heaven?
76820/ 2/81Are Other Worlds Watching Us?
76927/ 2/81Get into the Slipstream
7706/ 3/81Calendar for the New Age
77113/ 3/81Holland a Tribe of Israel
77220/ 3/81How to Understand the Bible
77327/ 3/81Astrology and the Bible
7743/ 4/81The Story the Bible Tells
77510/ 4/81Secret Words of Jesus
77617/ 4/81Feet Washing (Glastonbury Town Hall) C62
77718/ 4/81The Mystery of Life C77
77818/ 4/81The Empty Tomb C47
77919/ 4/81The Immanent Christ C62
7801/ 5/81Britain’s Need at this Time
7819/ 5/81Niek & Nonie at Summerlands
78215/ 5/81Make the March of Faith (inc W. Mids Election Special)
78322/ 5/81Is there a Blueprint for Your Life?
78429/ 5/81The Cleansing of the Sanctuary
7855/ 6/81Reincarnation and the Kingdom
78612/ 6/81Our Relationship to the Dead
78726/ 6/81The Jews and the Sabbath
78810/ 7/81Deliverance (Rev. C.K. Oglesby)
78917/ 7/81My Story
79024/ 7/81Power in the Blood
79131/ 7/81The Wonderful Name of Jesus
79214/ 8/81Memories of Past Lives
79321/ 8/81Unseen Adversaries & Allies
7944/ 9/81The Angels Who Help Us
79518/ 9/81Questions & Answers
79625/ 9/81Three Gods or One?
7972/10/81The Problem of Depression
7989/10/81Was Paul a False Apostle?
79916/10/81Does David’s Throne Exist Today?
80023/10/81Is This the Mark of the Beast?
80130/10/81What & When is the Resurrection?
8026/11/81You and the Universe
80313/11/81Luke 13
80420/11/81How to Deal with Problems
80527/11/81What is the Word of the Lord?
8064/12/81Believing Makes it So
80711/12/81Christmas and You
80818/12/81What is His Name? What is His Son’s Name?
8098/ 1/82The Sacred Name
81015/ 1/82The Holy Spirit and You
81122/ 1/82The Way to Pray
81229/ 1/82How to Pray More Effectively
8135/ 2/82How to Lead a Happy Life
81412/ 2/82Strangers from Another World
81519/ 2/82How to Turn the Other Cheek
81626/ 2/82How to Survive the Coming Economic Collapse
8175/ 3/82Israel, the Jews & Antisemitism
81812/ 3/82Secrets of Answered Prayer
81919/ 3/82You are Good’s Masterpiece
82026/ 3/82How to be Free from the Occult
8212/ 4/82Will Russia Invade Palestine?
8229/ 4/82The Falklands Crisis: Is It War?
82316/ 4/82Will God Fight for Us in the Coming War?
82423/ 4/82Love Yourself!
82530/ 4/82How We Can Win the War
8267/ 5/82You Were Born for Greatness
82721/ 5/82Secrets of Successful People
82828/ 5/82War
8294/ 6/82Live Now!
83011/ 6/82How to Develop Confidence
83118/ 6/82How to Get On With People
83225/ 6/82Healing
8332/ 7/82You are Gifted
83416/ 7/82Gifts You can Receive
83523/ 7/82Get Well, Stay Well
83630/ 7/82How to Be Your Own Best Friend
83713/ 8/82The Reappearance of the Christ
83820/ 8/82How to Stop Worrying
83927/ 8/82The Healing of Cancer [inc Mrs Christie’s testimony]
8403/ 9/82Daniel’s 70 Weeks
84117/ 9/82When Bad Things Happen to Good People
8421/10/82Secrets of Healing
8438/10/82Do Animals Have Souls?
84415/10/82The Miracle Power of Release
84522/10/82Your Guardian Angel
84629/10/82Prepare to Prosper
8475/11/82Open Your Mind to Prosperity
84812/11/82Say What You Want
84919/11/82Healing Your Family Tree
85026/11/82Love to Prosper
8513/12/82How to Get Out of Debt
85210/12/82Jesus the Millionaire
85318/ 2/83How to be Rich
85425/ 2/83How to Contact Your Vast Wealth
8554/ 3/83How to Pray for Prosperity
85611/ 3/83Decree Your Prosperity
85725/ 3/83More Prosperity Decrees
8588/ 4/83Reach for the Stars
85915/ 4/83Living, Loving & Learning
86022/ 4/83How to Hear God’s Voice
8616/ 5/83Heaven
86213/ 5/83The New Religion
86320/ 5/83The New Politics
86427/ 5/83Journey to Other Worlds
8653/ 6/83Your Visit to Glastonbury
86617/ 6/83How to be Free
86724/ 6/83The Real You
8688/ 7/83Mansions of the Soul
86929/ 7/83Why Suffering?
8705/ 8/83Karma
87112/ 8/83Is Reincarnation True?
87219/ 8/83Karma & Rebirth
87326/ 8/83Questions on Rebirth
8742/ 9/83The Afterlife
8759/ 9/83Karma & Healing
87616/ 9/83The Life Beyond
87723/ 9/83Magic of Angels
87830/ 9/83Dying (Elizabeth Kubler-Ross M.D.)
88021/10/83Response to the Word
88128/10/83From Superstition to the God Within
8824/11/83The Mysteries
88311/11/83Questions & Answers
88418/11/83How to Live Without Fear
88525/11/83How Will Christ Return?
88616/12/83Holy Night
8876/ 1/84How to be Happy
88827/ 1/84Money
88910/ 2/84Healing Everywhere
89024/ 2/84You are a Survivor!
8919/ 3/84Lent
89222/ 3/84You are Free
89330/ 3/84Is Sexuality a Sin?
89413/ 4/84You Will Live For Ever
89527/ 4/84Lovers
8964/ 5/84The Art of Love
89711/ 5/84The Joy of Sex
89818/ 5/84Divorce
89925/ 5/84Fairies
8001/ 6/84Magic
90129/ 6/84Prehistoric Glastonbury
90227/ 7/84Self-Love
9033/ 8/84Deciding to be Born
90410/ 8/84Virgin Birth?
9057/ 9/84Your Spirit Guide
90614/ 9/84Mediumship
90721/ 9/84Out of the Body Experiences
90828/ 9/84The Powers of Man
9094/10/84The Evolution of Man & Earth, WRG Sherbourne
9105/10/84How to Relax
91119/10/84Evidence for Past Lives
9139/11/84You & Your Stars
91416/11/84Jesus, Reincarnation & You
91523/11/84The Astral Plane
91630/11/84The Other Side of Life
9177/12/84Occult Truth
91814/12/84Christ Being Born
91911/ 1/85The True Lost Tribes
92025/ 1/85Writing to Your Angel
9218/ 2/85What if We are Israel?
9229/ 2/85Life after Death, WRG Summerlands (2 copies)
92322/ 2/85Be Yourself!
9247/ 3/85What is it like to Die?
92515/ 3/85Loving
92622/ 3/85Becoming a Healer
92729/ 3/85Absent Healing
9285/ 4/85Loving is Forgiving (Silloth Pentecostal Church)
9296/ 4/85What Happens when you Die? [Interrupted by Pastor Bettany]
9307/ 4/85Jesus in All Life
9317/ 4/85Jesus’ Way to Win Souls
9328/ 4/85The Healing Power of Love
93312/ 4/85You are a Healer
93425/ 4/85Healing the Incurable (St Clements, West Thurrock)
93526/ 4/85The Healing Power of Forgiveness
93627/ 4/85Miracle of Inner Healing
9372/ 5/85Love that Casts Out Fear
93812/ 5/85Spiritual Healing Today, WRG Winchester
[ ]15/ 5/85B.W. teaches Spiritualism & Catholicism (David Carruthers)
93926/ 5/85Seership & Prophecy, WRG Summerlands
94031/ 5/85Your Church a Healing Centre
9417/ 6/85Gateway to the Spirit
94214/ 6/85Destiny & Freewill
94321/ 6/85Hidden Aspects of Healing
9444/ 7/85The Second Coming of Christ, WRG Bath C120
9455/ 7/85How Man Came to Be
94631/ 7/85The Future of Mankind
94730/ 8/85Original Sin?
9486/ 9/85What Killed the Dinosaurs?
94913/ 9/85Race
95027/ 9/85Healing & Prayer
95129/ 9/85Rudolf Steiner & the Michael Mystery, WRG Glastonbury
9524/10/85What Happened to Paul
9538/10/85The Healing Presence, St Andrews, Uddingston
95410/10/85Challenge of the Healing Ministry, St Andrews, Uddingston
95524/10/85The Future of our Race
9561/11/85The Ancient Wisdom
95722/11/85Bible Light on Rebirth
95828/11/85The Story of Origen, Wells Study Group
95929/11/85Science & Art of Spiritual Healing, WRG Blandford
9605/12/85Secrets of Spiritual Healing, Clayesmore School
9616/12/85If Jesus Came
9623/ 1/86Why Sunday?
96310/ 1/86How we Got our Language
96416/ 1/86Angels, Wells Study Group
96517/ 1/86Druid Britain
96624/ 1/86The Leyline Enigma
96731/ 1/86Are Space People Amongst Us?
9687/ 2/86How we Got our Place Names
96913/ 2/86Sacred Springs & Wells, Wells Study Group
97014/ 2/86Respecting Others’ Belief
97121/ 2/86An Enthusiasm for Books
97228/ 2/86Animals & the Future Life
9737/ 3/86How to Cope with Injustice
97414/ 3/86Occult Significance of Halley’s Comet
97520/ 3/86The Shroud & the Resurrection
97628/ 3/86Past Life Recall
9774/ 4/86The Old Religion
97818/ 4/86World Peace
97925/ 4/86How to Stop Feeling Insecure
9802/ 5/86Britain’s Role in the Great Plan
9819/ 5/86Ever Increasing Prosperity
98216/ 5/86The Nature Spirits
98330/ 5/86The Awakening of Consciousness
98413/ 6/86Working Out our Karma
98527/ 6/86How to Cope with Disappointment
9864/ 7/86Can We Change Our Karma?
98711/ 7/86Dreams Can Come True
98818/ 7/86Women Priests?
9891/ 8/86Be-Happy Attitudes
99022/ 8/86Relationships
99129/ 8/86Magnanimity
99211/ 9/86Wisdom of the Ancients, TS Bournemouth Lodge C60
99312/ 9/86The Hidden Side of Christianity
99414/ 9/86Alone of all Her Sex, WRG Glastonbury
99526/ 9/86Occult Anatomy
9969/10/86The Art of the Healer, WRG Somerset
99710/10/86Jesus, You & God
99812/10/86Prophecy Ancient & Modern, WRG Winchester
99917/10/86The Message of the Kingdom
100021/10/86Hidden Wisdom
100124/10/86Lives to Remember
100228/10/86Mystery Religions of the Ancient World, WRG Salisbury
100414/11/86Unmasking Your Fears
100521/11/86Second Coming 2000?
100628/11/86The Hidden Light of Truth
10075/12/86Jesus & Christ
100812/12/86The Psychic Lives of Joseph & Mary
100916/ 1/87Consciousness
101023/ 1/87Parable of the Ten Virgins
101128/ 1/87Dreams, Illusions & Reality
10126/ 2/87The Ascended Masters
101313/ 2/87Understanding Life’s Purpose
101427/ 2/87Space, Time & Relativity
10156/ 3/87The Meaning of AIDS
101613/ 3/87Past & Future Lives
101720/ 3/87Inner Guidance
101827/ 3/87The Prophetic Vision
101910/ 4/87The UFO Experience
102015/ 4/87Living in Two Worlds, WRG Weston-Super-Mare 1
102117/ 4/87The Christian Initiation
102224/ 4/87The Next 13 Years & After
10231/ 5/87The Story of Francis Bacon (2 tapes)
10243/ 5/87The Healing Imperative, NFSH Seminar 1
10253/ 5/87A Life in Healing, NFSH Seminar 2
10263/ 5/87Love to Healing, NFSH Seminar 3
10278/ 5/87The Light in the Isles
102813/ 5/87Reincarnation & Karma, WRG Weston-Super-Mare 2
102915/ 5/87Melchisedec
103022/ 5/87Mysteries of Jesus
103129/ 5/87Self-Defence Against the Occult
10324/ 6/87The Search for Shambala, WRG Bath
10335/ 6/87Christianity & the Beast 666
103410/ 6/87Working Out Your Karma, WRG Weston-Super-Mare 3
103512/ 6/87The Hidden Government of the World
103619/ 6/87The Seed of the Serpent
103726/ 6/87Is the Bible the Word of God?
103810/ 7/87Building a Prosperity Consciousness
103917/ 7/87Wonders of Gematria
104024/ 7/87We Would See Jesus
104131/ 7/87The Grace of God in my Life
10427/ 8/87The Great Pyramid & its Revelation for Our Day (2 tapes)
104314/ 8/87The Great Pyramid & its Divine Message (2 tapes)
104421/ 8/87Challenge of the Great Pyramid
104528/ 8/87How to Stop Feeling Sensitive
10464/ 9/87How to Find God for Yourself
104711/ 9/87What is the Key to Prosperity?
104816/ 9/87Healing & Healership, WRG Weston-Super-Mare 4
104919/ 9/87The Art of the Healer, CFPSS Marlborough
105025/ 9/87The Meaning of Dance
10512/10/87Satan, Lucifer & Fallen Angels
105218/10/87The Story of Dion Fortune, WRG Summerlands
105327/10/87The Second Eve, WRG Salisbury C120
105413/11/87The Greatest Thing in the World
105518/11/87Leylines & Earth Energies, WRG Weston-Super-Mare 5
105620/11/87How to Raise Funds
105727/11/87Speaking in Tongues
10584/12/87Sai Baba & Jesus
105911/12/87Jesus & Mary
106018/12/87Mystery of the Incarnate Word
[ ]? /12/87Conversation with Mam
10618/ 1/88The Futurist Theory
106213/ 1/88The Second Coming, WRG Weston-Super-Mare 6
106315/ 1/88The World’s Greatest Hoax
106422/ 1/88The Gnostics & Their Gospels
106524/ 1/88Reincarnation in Christian Thought, Totton 2 copies
106629/ 1/88Speaking in Tongues & the Primaeval Word
10674/ 2/88Reincarnation & the Remembrance of Past Lives, TS C120
10685/ 2/88Meaning of the Coming Age
10697/ 2/88Reincarnation & the Life of the Soul 1, Nash, Steyning
10707/ 2/88Reincarnation & the Life of the Soul 2, Nash, Steyning
107112/ 2/88Overcoming the Fear of Death
107219/ 2/88The Breastplate of the High Priest
107326/ 2/88Mystic Rite of Water Baptism
10744/ 3/88How to Turn Your Loss into a Profit
107515/ 3/88The Ancient Wisdom, Threshold, Blandford, 2 tapes
107625/ 3/88The Judgment Seat of Christ
10771/ 4/88How to be Healed Now!
10788/ 4/88Reincarnation & Salvation
107922/ 4/88Death & the Mystery of the Afterlife
108029/ 4/88Who are the Sons of God?
10816/ 5/88Abraham & the Sons of God
108213/ 5/88The Astonishing Story of the 70
108320/ 5/88The Gnostics & Their Gospels, WRG Summerlands
1084The Gnostics & Their Gospels, Open Mind, Bognor Regis
108510/ 6/88Is the Church on the Way Out or In?
108615/ 6/88Britain in Prophecy, WRG Weston-Super-Mare 7
1087 LOST ?
108830/ 6/88The Kingdoms of Nature, TS Bournemouth Lodge, C120
10891/ 7/88Atlantis & the Flood
10908/ 7/88Perils of the Occult
109113/ 7/88The Gnostic Gospels, WRG Weston-Super-Mare 8
109215/ 7/88In Praise of Mary
[ ]17/ 7/88The Gifts of the Spirit, Burrowbridge/Stoke St Gregory
109322/ 7/88How to Build a Successful Church
109429/ 7/88Mystic Rite of the Holy Eucharist
109526/ 8/88Our Visit to Canada
10969/ 9/88The Last Temptation of Christ
109714/ 9/88The Great Pyramid Decoded, WRG Weston-Super-Mare 9
109816/ 9/88Is Lusting a Sin? SIDE 1 LOST
109918/ 9/88The Story of Sai Baba, WRG Summerlands
110021/ 9/88Sai Baba & Jesus, CFPSS Marlborough
110123/ 9/88What & When is the Rapture?
11027/10/88Is Mary Speaking to Us Today? (2 tapes)
110314/10/88Are UFOs Demonic?
110421/10/88The Woman Clothed with the Sun
110525/10/88Britain’s Amazing Prophetic Destiny, WRG Salisbury 2 tapes)
11064/11/88Spiritual Gifts & How to Receive Them
110711/11/88What is the Use of Speaking in Tongues? WRG Blandford
110818/11/88Overcoming the Fear of Death
11092/12/88How to Pray the Rosary C100
11106/12/88Life, Death & Beyond, Clayesmore School
11118/12/88Apparitions of the Virgin Mary, TS Bournemouth Lodge C120
11129/12/88Why Doesn’t Mary Appear in England?
111316/12/88From Nativity to Triumph
111430/12/88The Sacrament of Life
11155/ 1/89Destiny & Freewill, Portishead
11166/ 1/89The Value of Confession
111713/ 1/89Can We Avoid Suffering?
111820/ 1/89Can the Earth Survive?
111927/ 1/89The Message of Fatima
11203/ 2/89The Nature of the Universe
112110/ 2/89Time, Space & Relativity
112217/ 2/89Does the Church Have the Whole Truth?
112324/ 2/89Secret Sayings of Jesus
11243/ 3/89The Impelling Force of Prophetic Truth
112510/ 3/89Are the Dead Conscious?
112617/ 3/89Joshua’s Long Day
[ ]25/ 3/89Service of Light, Baptism & Confirmation C120
112731/ 3/89The Descent into Hell
112814/ 4/89The Challenge of Islam
112918/ 4/89The Story of Sai Baba, Threshold Witchampton C120
113021/ 4/89Sacred Numbers
113128/ 4/89The Mystery of the Temple
113219/ 5/89Sai Baba & Jesus, Open Mind Bognor Regis
113326/ 5/89What is Confirmation?
11342/ 6/89Exorcism & Healing
11359/ 6/89Path to Inner Healing
1136date ?Prayer that Moves Mountains
1137 Questions Most Asked on Healing
113830/ 6/89Catholicism—Satan’s Counterfeit?
113914/ 7/89Why the Power in the Blood?
114016/ 7/89The Whole Armour of God
114121/ 7/89The Mysterious Cornfield Circles
114225/ 7/89The Phenomenal Sai Baba, WRG Salisbury C120
114328/ 7/89Garabandal
11444 /8/89No title
114511 /8/89The Law of Self & Law of Love
114625/ 8/89Psychological Aspects of Religious Belief
11471/ 9/89To Love is to Succeed!
11488/ 9/89Healing Miracles Today
114915/ 9/89The Power of the Word
115017/ 9/89Overcoming the Fear of Death, WRG Winchester SIDE 2 BLANK
115122/ 9/89What Will You Do in Heaven?
115229/ 9/89Working of Archangel Michael
11536/10/89The Spirit of Prophecy
115411/10/89Numbers, Their Spiritual Significance & Hidden Meaning
115513/10/89The Greatest Need of the Church Today
115620/10/89Three Gods or One?
115710/11/89The End of the Berlin Wall
115817/11/89The Ministry of the Apostle
115923/11/89The Marriage of East & West, WRG Bristol C90 & C120
116024/11/89How to Get Your Life in Order
116113/12/89The Cosmic Christ
116215/12/89The Light that Shines in the Darkness
116327/12/89The Escalating Tempo of World Events
11645/ 1/90Secrets of the Gnostics, WRG South Devon C120
116512/ 1/90God’s Only Provided Place of Refuge
116624/ 1/90Numbers & their Spiritual Meaning
11672/ 2/90Maitreya or Christ?
11689/ 2/90Battle for the Mind
116916/ 2/90Space, Time & Reincarnation
117016/ 3/90Affirmation
117130/ 3/90The Spirit in Man
11727/ 4/90Did Jesus Really Die on the Cross?
117313/ 4/90The Offence of the Cross
117420/ 4/90The Power of His Resurrection
117511/ 5/90Our Responsibility for the Dead 1
117618/ 5/90Our Responsibility for the Dead 2
117725/ 5/90Our Responsibility for the Dead 3
117823/ 6/90Play the Game of Life
117913/ 7/90Letters
118027/ 7/90What is Happening Now
118110/ 8/90The Unforgivable Sin
118217/ 8/90The Triumph of Mary
118324/ 8/90If My People
118431/ 8/90Why the Church?
11857/ 9/90Discovering that I AM in God
118621/10/90Church Matters
118726/10/90The Pursuit of Happiness
118916/11/90Marriage & Divorce [1]
119023/11/90Release the Past
119130/11/90Marriage & Divorce [2]
11927/12/90The Promise of Messiah
119314/12/90Virgin Birth?
119421/12/90The Winter Solstice
119511/ 1/91Our Heritage
119618/ 1/91Message to Saddam
119725/ 1/91War
11981/ 2/91Celts
11998/ 2/91The End of the World
120015/ 2/91Where is Israel?
120122/ 2/91The Migrations of Israel
120215/ 3/91Cutting Edge of the Word
120322/ 3/91The True Astrology
120429/ 3/91The Blood Covenant
12055/ 4/91Renewal
120626 /4/91The Soul of Astrology
12073/ 5/91Ascension
120810/ 5/91Heart of Astrology
120917/ 5/91Knowing God
121024/ 5/91The Baptism in the Spirit
121114/ 6/91Iona
121228/ 6/91Joshua
12135/ 7/91Christians, Pagans & Druids (T.Curtis Hayward) TAPE MISSING
121412/ 7/91Pilgrimage
12152/ 7/91Ibiza
12169/ 8/91Religious Experience
121716/ 8/91Leadings
121830/ 8/91Happenings
12196/ 9/91What is Truth?
122013/ 9/91A Man’s Life
122120/ 9/91Self
12224/10/91Bishop in the South Seas (Derek Rawcliffe) 2 tapes
122311/10/91Is Jesus Unique?
122418/10/91Mystery of Our Being TAPE MISSING
122525/10/91TAPE MISSING
12277/11/91Sinfin Moor Thu C120 & C60 tapes
12288/11/91Make the March of Faith, Sinfin Moor Fri C60
12299/11/91Longing to See Jesus, Sinfin Moor Sat C60
123010/11/91Sinfin Moor Sun
123111/11/91Sinfin Moor Mon
123215/11/91The Sinfin Moor Mission
123429/11/91Healing Questions
123513/12/91The Virgin
12363/ 1/92Be!
123710/ 1/92Endtime
123817/ 1/92Job
123924/ 1/92Reincarnation?
124031/ 1/92The Gospel of Thomas
12417/ 2/92Future Past
124214/ 2/92Primogenesis
124328/ 2/92Can We Trust the Bible?
12446/ 3/92Worship
124520/ 3/92Facing Problems
124627/ 3/92What Happened to the Ark of the Covenant?
12473/ 4/92Why Was Jesus Baptised?
124810/ 4/92What Happened on Election Day?
124917/ 4/92The Meaning of Loneliness
125024/ 4/92The Temptation of Christ
12511/ 5/92The Spirit on All Flesh
12528/ 5/92Who Said?
12535/ 6/92Canada
125412/ 6/92Threat to the Monarchy
125519/ 6/92Heritage of our Race
125626/ 6/92Millennium 2000?
12573/ 7/92Why Initiation?
125810/ 7/92How Jesus Comes
125931/ 7/92Jesus or Trinity?
12607/ 8/92World History Foretold
126114/ 8/92Where is Israel?
126221/ 8/92The Deportations of Israel
126328/ 8/92Hosea
126411/ 9/92Fear of Dying
126516/10/92Pakistan (1)
126623/10/92Pakistan (2)
126730/10/92The Nature of the True Church
12686/11/92The Problem of Poverty
126913/11/92Looking for the True Church
127020/11/92Recovering the Church of God
127127/11/92Is there Hope for Britain?
12724/12/92Why Christmas?
127311/12/92Magic of Christmas
127418/12/92The Failed Promise of Luke 1:32
12751/ 1/93Happy New Year?
12768/ 1/93Why Sunday?
127715/ 1/93Making Sense of our World
127822/ 1/93Hosea—Key to Prophecy
127929/ 1/93The Father and His Family
12805/ 2/93The Name
128112/ 2/93The Discernment of Spirits
128219/ 2/93Zechariah
128326/ 2/93George Jeffreys
12845/ 3/93After Death
128512/ 3/93The Experience of Death
128619/ 3/93Paul’s Gospel
128726/ 3/93Christ All and In All
12882/ 4/93I in Them
12899/ 4/93Jesus in Hell C46
129016/ 4/93The Word of Creation
129123/ 4/93Cults, Sects and Sanity
129230/ 4/93The Meaning of Sai Baba, Compass Chichester TAPE MISSING
12937/ 5/93The Constitution of Man
129414/ 5/93Paul at Ephesus
129521/ 5/93The Nature of Eternal Life
129628/ 5/93False Expectations
129711/ 6/93Race
129825/ 6/93Jesus and Jairus
12992/ 7/93The Forbidden Truth
13009/ 7/93Have Fun!
130116/ 7/93Initiation - How?
13026/ 8/93Letters
130313/ 8/93The Tower of Babel
130420/ 8/93Who is the Beast?
130527/ 8/93Powers of the Initiate
13063/ 9/93Race, Religion, Reason
[ ]8/ 9/93Conversation with Niek
130710/ 9/93Light of Truth
130817/ 9/93The Time is Now!
MISSION TO AUSTRALIA 19 September – 4 November 1993
130924/ 9/93Brisbane
13162/10/93Revelation of Truth in Christ (Geelong Sat)
13173/10/93Hidden Truth in Holy Communion (Geelong Sun)
13183/10/93Revelation of God’s Offspring (Geelong Sun)
13195/10/93Who is Jesus? I am (Geelong Mon)
13206/10/93The Way to Truth (Geelong Tue)
132821/10/93John 14
133224/11/93I Can do All Things, Adelaide Sun TWO, 1 dated 14/10/93 ?
[ ]31/10/93Praise at Kenwick
133531/10/93Paul’s Gospel, Kenwick
133812/11/93Australia 1
133917/11/93The Mission to Australia
134019/11/93Australia 2
13413/12/93Christ’s Gospel or Man’s?
134210/12/93Experiencing the Cycle of the Year
134317/12/93Christmas at a Time of Destiny
134424/12/93The Real You
13467/ 1/94Glastonbury
134714/ 1/94Back to the Word
134818/ 1/94Writing on the Wall
134921/ 1/94Our World His Story
135028/ 1/94What Manner of Spirit You Are
13511/ 2/94Daniel 6
13524/ 2/94666
13538/ 2/94Daniel 6 cont.
135411/ 2/94Gateway to the Stars
135518/ 2/94Israel, Egypt & the Pyramid
135623/ 2/94Daniel’s 70 Weeks
135725/ 2/94The Coming Golden Age
13584/ 3/94The Undiscovered Country
135911/ 3/94Evidence for Survival
136018/ 3/94Through a Glass Darkly
136125/ 3/94Making Sense of the Cross
13621/ 4/94From Cross to Cosmos
13638/ 4/94Close Encounters
136415/ 4/94The Divine Encounter
136522/ 4/94Was it Mary?
136629/ 4/94Discerning the Nature of Things
13677/ 5/94Healing and Karma (Stoke-on-Trent)
136810/ 5/94Esoteric Christianity 1 (Manchester, 2 tapes)
136913/ 5/94Our Journey North
137020/ 5/94What Should we be Doing?
137127/ 5/94Be Perfect!
13723/ 6/94The Guru and his Chela
137310/ 6/94Is It God Speaking?
137417/ 6/94Psychic and Spiritual
13751/ 7/94Our Visit to Northern Ireland
13768/ 7/94Who Said Reincarnation?
137715/ 7/94Angels & Aliens, Open Mind Bognor Regis TAPE MISSING
137822/ 7/94The Jupiter Event
137929/ 7/94Apparitions of the Virgin Mary, Chichester C120
13805/ 8/94What do you mean, Born Again?
13819/ 9/94Cruci-fiction?
138216/ 9/94Will Your Pet go to Heaven?
138323/ 9/94The Ageless Wisdom
138430/ 9/94The Mystery Tradition
13857/10/94What’s in a Name?
138621/10/94Do the Dead Need our Prayers?
138728/10/94Festival of the Dead
13884/11/94Healing Eucharist for Nancy, St Margaret’s Chapel C120
138911/11/94Toronto What?
139018/11/94Israel, Judah & Hiram Abiff
139125/11/94Prophecy False and True
13922/12/94True Nature of the Second Coming
139416/12/94This Wondrous Message
139613/ 1/95Come Alive in 95
139720/ 1/95Why the Blood?
139827/ 1/95Evolution Through the Blood
13993/ 2/95The Hidden Truth in Parables
140010/ 2/95His Blood be on Us
140110/ 2/95Reincarnation-Resurrection
140217/ 2/95Feeling for the Past
140324/ 2/95Archangel Michael
14043/ 3/95When Michael Stands Up
140510/ 3/95Prayer
140617/ 3/95Landscape
140724/ 3/9580
14087/ 4/95I Will See You Again
140914/ 4/95Paradise
141021/ 4/95The New Covenant
141128/ 4/95Impecunious
14125/ 5/95VE Day & After
141312/ 6/95Peace
141419/ 6/95Pray for Hitler?
141526/ 5/95Mansions in My Father’s House
14162/ 6/95Why Born Blind?
141716/ 6/95God Having Fun!
141823/ 6/95Visualize your Healing
141930/ 6/95From Micah to Nashville
14207/ 7/95Pre-Existence & Poets
14214/ 8/95Humble Pie
142211/ 8/95The Distortion of the Gospel
142318/ 8/95See You in Hell
142425/ 8/95Discerning the Truth of Things
142515/ 9/95What is Worldliness?
142622/ 9/95Legion
142729/ 9/95Jesus and the Angels
14286/10/95The Great Rapture Hoax
142913/10/95? Title Side 1 faulty: Not sent out?
143127/10/95Worth of a Soul
1432+6/11/95Calling of an Apostle
1434+9/11/95Called to Preach and Heal
143512/11/95Healing the Paralytic
143613/11/95Jesus Lord of Karma
143711/12/95Mission to India (1) Side 1 FAULTY: Not sent out
143818/12/95Mission to India (2)
143915/12/95? Title
144022/12/95Christmas Not sent out
144129/12/95Back from the Dead
144215/ 1/96Man Incarnate
144312/ 1/96Non-Being FAULTY: Not sent out
144419/ 1/96Bitterness FAULTY: Not sent out
144526/ 1/96Titus
14469/ 2/96The National Lottery
144716/ 2/96Why Music?
144823/ 2/96Life Out There
14491/ 3/96Science & Religion
14508/ 3/96In the Days of Lot
145115/ 3/96Law & Karma
145222/ 3/96What’s to Eat?
145329/ 3/96Dates and Numbers
14545/ 4/96The Cross of Failure
145512/ 4/96Why Fast? [Matthew 6]
145619/ 4/96Elements of Prophecy
145726/ 4/96The Sheepfold
14583/ 5/96Sad Solomon
145910/ 5/96Which Church of God?
146414/ 6/96Our Visit to USA
146521/ 6/96Embroidery
146628/ 6/96Naaman
146712/ 7/96Friends
14689/ 8/96Forty Years On
146916/ 8/96Life on Mars
147023/ 8/96Searching for the Past
147130/ 8/96Past Lives?
14726/ 9/96What if it is True?
147313/ 9/96Happy Attitudes
147420/ 9/96How we got the Mass
147527/ 9/96Communion
147711/10/96Eucharist cont
147818/10/96The Latin Mass
147925/10/96Pray for me
148113/12/96India 96
148327/12/96Perception [Hebrews 1,2]
14843/ 1/97Exit the Stone
148510/ 1/97A Chosen Race
148617/ 1/97Revival
148724/ 1/97A Covenant People
148831/ 1/97Finding Out the Past
14897/ 2/97Ezra
149014/ 2/97Valentine’s Day
149121/ 2/97Stamps
149228/ 2/97Passing the Time
149314/ 3/97Comet
149421/ 3/97Christ Died
149528/ 3/97Nicodemus
14964/ 4/97Home [Ezekiel 37]
149711/ 4/97New Jerusalem
14989/ 5/97Hurting People
149916/ 5/97Are you an Orphan?
150023/ 5/97Letters
150130/ 5/97How is Salvation of the Jews?
15026/ 6/97Bible Code
15034/ 7/97Letters and Numbers
150411/ 7/97The Authentic Gospel
150518/ 7/97Moses [Exodus 2,3]
150615/ 7/97The Sign
15071/ 8/97Your Bible
15088/ 8/97How to Stay Sane in a Mad World
150915/ 8/97Your Greatest Problem [Psalm 45]
151022/ 8/97Loving and Forgiving
151112/ 9/97Diana
151219/ 9/97The Human Experience
151326/ 9/97The Other World
151410/10/97Dying Well [1 Cor 6 GNB]
151524/10/97Bernadette LOST
151721/11/97Deliver us from Evil
151828/11/97The Marian Phenomena [1 Cor 1:1]
15195/12/97Waiting for the Word
15219/ 1/98Memory
152216/ 1/98900 BC [2 Chron 14,15]
152330/ 1/98Delusions of Modern Pentecostalism
15246/ 2/98Delusions (conclusion)
152513/ 2/98Jesus
152620/ 2/98Do you See?
152727/ 2/98Jesus’ Inner Group
15286/ 3/98Did Jesus Preach against Sin?
152913/ 3/98Mysteries
153027/ 3/98Half an Hour Lost NEW TITLE REQD
15313/ 4/98Ten out of Twelve
153210/ 4/98Good Friday TAPE MISSING
153324/ 4/98Nature of Mystical Experience
15341/ 5/98Saved and More! TAPE MISSING
15358/ 5/98Israeli 50
153615/ 5/98Long Ago TAPE MISSING
153722/ 5/98Actually, I’m an Alien ?? TAPE MISSING
[ ]22/ 5/98Birdsong
15385/ 6/98The Shepherd and the Sheep
15393/ 7/98The Healing Power of the Gospel
154024/ 7/98Reflections on a Majorcan holiday
154131/ 7/98Dr, My little Brian doesn’t talk
15427/ 8/98Are You under Occult Attack?
154321/ 8/98Overcoming the Adversary TAPE MISSING
154414/ 9/98Blessing at Brentwood
154512/10/98Does God Want People to be Poor?
154616/10/98Don’t Harm Yourself TAPE MISSING
154723/10/98Praise God in your Prison!
154830/10/98All Saints at Hallowe’en
154910/11/98The Lord’s Prayer 1 Tue
155011/11/98The Lord’s Prayer 2 Wed
155112/11/98The Lord’s Prayer 3 Thu
155213/11/98The Lord’s Prayer 4 Fri
155314/11/98The Lord’s Prayer 5 Sat
155415/11/98The Lord’s Prayer 6 Sun
155516/11/98The Lord’s Prayer 7 Mon
155617/11/98The Lord’s Prayer 8 Tue
155718/11/98The Lord’s Prayer 9 Wed
155819/11/98The Lord’s Prayer 10 Thu
155920/11/98The Lord’s Prayer 11 Fri
156020/11/98Music/1559 cont. CHECK
156127/11/98How God Blessed us in Malawi
15624/12/98The Revelation and the Message
156311/12/98Who is He Who Came?
156415/ 1/99True Date of the Millennium
156529/ 1/99Will you Survive Y2K ?
15665/ 2/99Rush to Judgment
156726/ 2/99God’s People Not Forsaken
15682/ 4/99Which Nation did Jesus Die for?
156923/ 4/99The Jesus Only Controversy
15707/ 5/99Lazarus—The Secret Message
157128/ 5/99Genetics—The AntiGod Agenda
157211/ 6/99The Cost of Discipleship
157318/ 6/99Can Jesus Come at Any Moment?
157429/ 7/99Excess Baggage to be Paid For
15756/ 8/99Is it the Time? (Anne Stallybrass)
157613/ 8/99The Truth is from Within
15773/ 9/99You Can’t Stick Where You Are
157817/ 9/99Did Jesus say He was God?
15791/10/99Life is Living for Others
158015/10/99Jesus Coming as He Went
158129/10/99Truths Learned in Adversity
158212/11/99Return to the City
15833/12/991951 Remembered
158410/12/99Who were Jesus’ Ancestors?
158531/12/99Pilgrims in a New Millennium
158614/ 1/00Suffering for Doing Right
158728/ 1/00Big Bang from Nowhere
158811/ 2/00Have you the Time?
158925/ 2/00Your Most Powerful Prayer
159010/ 3/00Agenda for World Domination
159117/ 3/00Visit of the Charity Commission, Track 2 BLANK
159224/ 3/00Let this Live in You!
159328/ 3/00With Eva at Billericay
159414/ 4/00Parables of the Kingdom
15955/ 5/00Death the Great Adventure
159619/ 5/00Are there Herons in Heaven?
15972/ 6/00Learning to Submit
159830/ 6/00How God blessed us in USA
15997/ 7/00Dream God’s Dream for You!
16003/ 8/00Update! [40 x 40]
160125/ 8/00The Sovereignty of God
16021 /9/00Allure of the Unexplained
160315/ 9/00Urgent: for your prayers
160428/ 9/00Commissioners & Templars
16056/10/00Human Rights or God’s Law?
160610/11/00In USA again
16071/12/00Happy Christmas!
160812/ 1/0150 years ago
16099/ 2/01Stop Stress!
16102/ 3/01Act of God
16119/ 3/01From the Brigadier General
161216/ 3/01Seekers after Truth
161330/ 3/01The Inconvenient Truth
161420/ 4/01Race and Reason
161518/ 5/01Strange Mission to Belgium
16161/ 6/01How I Learned the Israel Truth
16178/ 6/01How I learned this Truth 2
16186/ 7/01Your Theology is Experience
161927/ 7/01The Imprisoned Splendour
162017/ 8/01Together in the Holy Land
162114/ 9/01America Ground Zero
16229/11/01Return to America 2001
[ ]23/11/97All Souls, St Benedict’s Parish Church
16241/ 2/02Pastimes
162515/ 3/02Re-Union
162611/ 4/02Life Unending
162717/ 5/02One Foot in Heaven
162814/ 6/02Blessing blesses You
16295/ 7/02Prophecies that Fail
163026/ 7/02The Concordant Version
163118/ 9/02Letters
163218/10/02D.H. Lawrence (2 tapes)
163325/10/02The Drama of Life
163513/12/02Christmas Cheer
163613/ 6/03Why do we Suffer?
163727/ 6/03Our Wonderful Father

This list compiled 15 July 2003